Summer Rose

We can’t drink enough of the pink stuff in the summer.  Our go to is Flatiron Wines.  Then we get bread at the Farmer’s Market or Eataly and make a big salad.  Love those summer vegetables.  Of course Baby is along for the ride.  IMG_8171 IMG_8170

North Fork for Joe and Paul

What a great day to head out to the vineyards on the North Fork.  This was an early celebration for Joe and Paul who are getting married next month in London.  We won’t be making the trip, but wanted to wish them all the best.  Joe and I were on the same learning team at Darden.  Wow, we’ve known each other for 12 years!

We had the party bus pick us up in NY in the morning, dropping us off at the first vineyard around noon.  Three vineyards, group lunch on a picnic table and over 30 friends.

Paul Marcus Wines: Rockridge

M’s favorite wine store is Paul Marcus Wines in Rockridge, CA.  We went there last Saturday to pick up a bottle for Marc & Katie’s BBQ and then on Wednesday for dinner at Sam & Aurora’s.  It’s not pretentious and you have a sense that they have tried everything there.  The wines are all in boxes and very reasonably priced.  We picked up the rose. It’s that time of year.  Or for us, it’s always rose time!