High Falls NY Wedding

We drove up to High Falls, NY for a wedding on Saturday.  High Falls is a little west of New Paltz, about 90 minutes north of the city.  It was baby’s first wedding. And my first wedding reception in a barn with lights hanging from the rafters, long communal tables and strings of lights. I’ve always wanted to attend an event in a decorated barn.

It was a very very warm day, and the pollen hit me hard.  But Shadow Lawn was a nice venue for the Schwartsbury wedding.  There were about 15 kids there, a handful under one and then a few early walkers.  They provided babysitters for everyone, at the stone house across from the barn. But baby and the young ones hung out at the reception.  We just parked the stroller out front (see below).  She was a dream (almost) and she did a bit of lap sitting.  I think we convinced the couple across from us babies are awesome.  By 8, though, we were pushing it and had to leave.  Before the cake was cut!  The cake table looked great so am sad I didn’t get to sample.

Katie & Ken, Washington DC

Last weekend we attended Katie & Ken’s wedding in Washington DC.  God, I’ve known Katie for nearly 20 years now!  Very happy for the married couple and it was great to see the Lopez family and people I haven’t seen in years (Meg!).  The reception was at Fort McNair which provided a great night time view of the Washington Monument.