Corolla 2013

IMG_2282You know it’s a great vacation when you lose track of days.  Really, I lost track of days. Tuesday, Wednesday…it didn’t matter.  It was another day with friends, the kids, the beach, the pool and a glass of wine.   This was the 4th year, and we had friends from Minnesota join us.  Lost of great shots from the week, so expect a few days of vacation pics.  You’ll want to come back for me surfing, the wild horses and the Brew Thru trip!  And don’t think I didn’t eat doughnuts, that will be coming as well.

We had a big crew:  8 adults and 6 kids.  This was our outing to the Christmas store, coffee shop and brewery on a rainy day.

DSC_0440 IMG_2097

Sunrise, sunset, the moon…

And lots of coffee every morning.  I discovered Sweet Italian Cream this week.  Oh, so good.


Picture Credit:  Thanks to Kate for the moon shot with her nice camera.  The group shot, too!


Summer’s End

How is it August 30th?  Wasn’t I supposed to get more post work rooftop drinks?  I only made it to the Kimberly Hotel once, and that was last night.  Alas, we are heading into fall and I just put in a J Crew online order for some sweaters and blazers…

But holding on to summer for just another day (or weekend).