Summer Veggies Fresh from The Market

IMG_1994Oh, what nice vegetables from the Union Square Greenmarket.  Mark was busy, so I hopped the bike for tomatoes, radishes, basil, carrots, radishes….so many good things.  This week I bought the shoots from the microgreens girls.  We’ve eaten salad and a protein every night since Saturday.  Above is Saturday’s salad, below is Monday’s.

I love the veggies in the summer.  Maybe this is why I need to live in California…nice fruits and veggies all year long.



Giving it a Try: Finnish Ruis Bread

I’ve never bought any of the food products at the Union Square Greenmarket.  Always a time for the first time.  I gave in to the Finnish Ruis bread.  It’s 100% whole grain rye, and in the shape of the Thomas’ flat breads. But these are much tastier.  I bought the 4 pack and had one toasted for breakfast last weekend.  With some Earth Balance.  Hearty, nice rye taste (I’m a fan of rye and pumperknickel, and most dark breads), with a slight sourdough tang.

I brought the rest to work and at with a schmear of cream cheese all week.

I can see this as a substitute for the bread on my sandwich (5 grams of fiber, 4 grams of protein and 160 calories a round).

The rounds are made by Nordic Breads, right here in Long Island City.  And you can find them at the New Amsterdam market, too!

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Salad & Homemade Buttermilk Dressing


Finally, the Union Square Greenmarket is back!  Well, back in that they don’t just have potatoes and apples.  We walked through on Saturday and I was like a kid in the candy store!  Our black dirt growers were back – with radishes, spring garlic, HUGE scallions and fresh dill.  Mark and I looked at each other and knew what this meant.  Time for our salad with bacon and  fresh buttermilk dressing.  Broke out the recipe on the iPad and set to work that night.

The garlic smelled wonderful.  I added a little extra to the dressing.  And the dill…the smell of fresh dill just gets me.  I doubled the dill.

It was so good, we had our salad with bacon on Saturday night.  Then we had mor salad on Sunday, both times with roast chicken.  I had to make another batch of dressing.

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