63 Miles. Farther Than I’ve Been.

It was a big training weekend, our last big one before the race (in a week!).   Again, both days started with my standard PB&J, though I changed up the bread for something with less fiber this week.

5590_10101071039245616_1427815533_n IMG_1485

Saturday morning destination:  Coney Island at 7:30 a.m. (= 6 am train out of Manhattan).   The water was COOOOLD, or about 56 degrees.  I moved myself up to the advanced group and stayed in there for the 25 minutes.  My toes were numb.  The entire time I was thinking about the Bachelorette episode with Tiara going for the plunge in the freezing lake and ending up in the hospital.  Then it was off to run through Brooklyn.

IMG_5536Back at it Sunday morning.  It was a 63 mile ride waaaayyyyy out to Rockland Lake with a few fellow TNTers.  Ok, so I stopped to take pictures along the way.  My food for the ride above.  Can you tell I like the sweet/chocolate flavors?  This is just the start of the ride.  I’m on the George Washington Bridge with Manhattan behind me.IMG_1503 IMG_1492

And we made it.  I thought I was the slowest, but we rode as a group.  With a few pit stops, and stops to make sure everyone was ok and still with us.  Yes, that’s my bike jersey that makes me feel a little more professional.  I’m not as matchy matchy as all of the other bikers, so only sort of look the part.



The Training Go To: PB&J


For all the fun and fancy things I find to eat, there is nothing like a PB&J pre bike ride.  I think I’ve finally gotten the exact components that work for the long haul:

  • Trader Joe’s sprouted bread:  nice balance of fiber and protein.  I like the texture.  
  • Trader Joe’s boysenberry:  I like the seeds and it’s a little tart, but sweet
  • Jif creamy peanut butter:  The Tj’s unsalted is usually my go to.  But the manufactured aspect of the big brands means it’s good for the long ride.  The PB doesn’t get all messy (when I decide to pack a sandwich and stick it in in the bento box on the bike).  I’m working through a container of Skippy this week and think the Jif is sweeter.  So Jif is the new go-to.  Can you tell I like the sweet side of life?

I eat one every Saturday morning.  Sometimes I toast the bread if I’m pulling 2 slices out of the freezer.  And I’m off!  I did notice the bread gets a little “crunchy” after 3 hours of being wrapped in a paper towel if I bring one on the bike.