Smoke’s Poutinerie, Mont Tremblant


My guess is that this isn’t the best poutine in the world since I discovered it in a bit of a tourist destination.  But since I don’t know when I’ll be in Canada again, I had to seize this opportunity.  It was post Half Ironman, I had just had a beer with my fellow teammates, and I wanted something to eat without much fuss or wait.  So it was off to Smoke’s.   There are few times when I’ll indulge in something like this and have absolutely no guilt.  And this was one of those times.  Because I was starving.  Yes, that is a big ‘ole pile of fries and gravy.

IMG_1688 IMG_1691

French fries with gravy and cheese curds.  Yup.  I was wondering how the cheese curds would fit into this, but they sort of melted.  Honestly, it was salty and filling and hit the spot.