Spring! Maybe?


Where have I been??  It’s been weeks since my sister’s shower…and it’s been cold out.  And I’ve been training.  Very long bike rides.  So long, in fact, I go from New York, into New Jersey and cross back into New York farther north.  But I keep thinking spring is around the corner.  I saw this sign on Saturday, so it must mean the warmer weather is almost here. If nothing else, I think this means it is officially rose time.  Granted, I’ll drink it year round and had a glass last week.   Love it.


Rose @ Thirstbarvin

Ahhh, the unofficial start of summer.  Memorial Day weekend.  What better way to kick off a weekend than with a glass (or 3) of rose.   We read about this unassuming french inspired restaurant in the New Yorker.  And I bookmarked it in my To Try list on Foursquare.  It’s really simple, seasonal, local.  And well, we do like that.  Lots of wines as well.  We shared a dandelion salad, tart and lentils with lardons to start.  Then shared a main, the pork and chard caillettes.  And no, I did not know what this was when we ordered it.  It came recommended and was described as sausage like. Sign me up.

Cheers!  Here’s to the start of a great summer!

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Paul Marcus Wines: Rockridge

M’s favorite wine store is Paul Marcus Wines in Rockridge, CA.  We went there last Saturday to pick up a bottle for Marc & Katie’s BBQ and then on Wednesday for dinner at Sam & Aurora’s.  It’s not pretentious and you have a sense that they have tried everything there.  The wines are all in boxes and very reasonably priced.  We picked up the rose. It’s that time of year.  Or for us, it’s always rose time!