Summer Equals Ice Cream


This may have been the plushest grass I’ve ever lounged on.  Really.  We went out to Randall’s Island for the annual work picnic.  The event was rescheduled after an outdoor concert turned the island into a muddy mess in June.  We were the beneficiaries of brand new grass.

IMG_1954 IMG_1961

It was a beautiful afternoon to enjoy a few beers, food, and ice cream with friends and colleagues.  I couldn’t resist and had 2 mint chocolate chip cones.  It’s summer, and they just kept making cones.  How can one say no?  I love the ferry ride back to 34th Street.   Great views of the east side of Manhattan at night.

IMG_1955 IMG_1960

Summer Picnic: Randall’s Island

It was our annual company picnic on Randall’s Island yesterday.  The weather couldn’t be more perfect for a day outside.  Cool and blue skies.  The picnic is on Randall’s Island, a short 25 minute ferry ride to an island off the north east side of Manhattan.

I spent some time by the chairs along the “boardwalk” and watched the rides, and people walk by.  There must have been over 5,000 people there over the course of the day.  Plenty of beer flowing, with lots of good things to eat.  Loved the brisket, elote corn and kale salad.

We couldn’t snag a hammock, and it seemed rude to tell someone they had spent enough time on it!  You’ve got to love that all containers were compostable, and only NYC’s finest was served for water.  No bottled water here.  And no beverages over 16 ounces!