The Training Go To: PB&J


For all the fun and fancy things I find to eat, there is nothing like a PB&J pre bike ride.  I think I’ve finally gotten the exact components that work for the long haul:

  • Trader Joe’s sprouted bread:  nice balance of fiber and protein.  I like the texture.  
  • Trader Joe’s boysenberry:  I like the seeds and it’s a little tart, but sweet
  • Jif creamy peanut butter:  The Tj’s unsalted is usually my go to.  But the manufactured aspect of the big brands means it’s good for the long ride.  The PB doesn’t get all messy (when I decide to pack a sandwich and stick it in in the bento box on the bike).  I’m working through a container of Skippy this week and think the Jif is sweeter.  So Jif is the new go-to.  Can you tell I like the sweet side of life?

I eat one every Saturday morning.  Sometimes I toast the bread if I’m pulling 2 slices out of the freezer.  And I’m off!  I did notice the bread gets a little “crunchy” after 3 hours of being wrapped in a paper towel if I bring one on the bike.