Panettone Time: Lots of them at Eataly

It’s that time of year again.  Panettone time.  And if you walk through Eataly you’ll be impressed with all the brands and varieties out there.

We’ve worked our way through these in years past.   Panettone here, and here and here from 2012, and then way back in 2011, too.  On display this year we have the traditional candied fruit, a pear variety, a beer inspired one (the orange one), chocolate and others.  And many more brands than I’ve seen.  We gave in a got a mini to sample, and the bread and fruit were really moist.   $39.90 for one of the cakes seems a little extreme, but maybe we need to try just one for comparison purposes.

IMG_3302 IMG_3300 IMG_3294


The Final Panettone: The Eataly Version

And on to panettone #3 of our Buy 1 get 2 free offer at Eataly.  We started with a chocolate version, then moved on a more traditional version of the cake (the Corsini brand), and ended with Eataly’s take on it.

I think my favorite was the Corsini. I liked the texture of the cake and the way it pulled apart.  But I really enjoyed the bigger pieces of candied fruit in the Eataly version. That one me over, though M didn’t like that aspect of it.

So until next Christmas (or the next sale!)….

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