Sweets. Indian Sweets.

If you say “sweets” I come.  Chocolate sweets, baked sweets, I try it all.  Ravi brought us back Indian sweets.  Now, I’m going to have to come clean.  I spent 2 weeks in Mumbai for work and ate everything put in front of me.  Everything, even the from the carts behind the Taj Mahal hotel.  But when I came back, that was it.  No more Indian, I can’t do it.  I did do a buffet one year after my trip, and it was a reminder I needed more time.  I think I’m upsetting Mark because we may never get to go back to Ponatu for dinner.

The picture above is “laddoo”, the smaller version was “moti choor laddoo”.   I think we decided it had a cardamon taste.

Then I had the “minapa Sunni” which was like a ball of brown sugar held together with something.  That something is clarified butter I learned.  This one ended up all over my desk.

And finally we tried the “badam burphy”, which had an almond flavor.

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