Lebkuchen Cookies from Leckerlee.

These cookies from Leckerlee are in my wheelhouse.  Lots of spices, nuts….it’s everything I dream about in winter.  Mark brought me home a chocolate covered one and I ate it for breakfast last Thursday.

photo (5)


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On Saturday we walked to the Lower East Sid to visit the Melt Bakery Shop and Sandy was there baking them.  The store smelled WONDERFUL.  They had samples out and plenty of tins for purchase.  I’ve eaten, I’ve sampled, I may need my own tin.  Lebkuchen are a traditional German cookie and Sandy puts her own spin on it.  Check out her site here.  She bakes them in the Nuremberg style, which is apparently very difficult to make.  They come with chocolate or plain.

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Stop on by Melt to check them out!

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It’s the Weekend! Melt Ice Cream Sandwiches

Thursday night.  Long day after catching the 4:51 am train to Princeton, New Jersey (and the 2 hour 15 minute shuttle ride back).  So what better way to get an early start on the weekend than a stroll over to the Hester Street Fair (the Thursday version) at the Eventi Hotel.   Food, beer, tables and Caddie Shack on a big screen starting at 9:30.    Our real reason for going over was to satisfy my sweet tooth.  I wanted chocolate.  So to Melt Ice Cream Sandwiches we went.

We saw Julien behind the cart.  I went with the classic:  chocolate chip cookie with walnuts, vanilla ice cream.  Each bite was perfect.  The cookie didn’t break and the ice cream wasn’t all soft and squeezing out.  Delicious.

Check out my visit from last year.  Or catch them real time on the High Line (daily), Hester Street Fair (Saturdays), Hester Street Fair Eventi (Thursdays) or at their new retail location on Orchard Street.

Melt:  http://meltbakery.com/