Blue Bottle. Snickerdoodle for Breakfast.


Our thing is Blue Bottle on Saturday mornings.  A quick workout at the gym, then a walk over to 15th Street.  They see us coming and start the coffee pouring.  We usually get one Mast Brothers chocolate cookie and split it.  Nothing like a cookie for breakfast.  But  recently we got two cookies and I tried the Snickerdoodle.  Really nice flavor here.  I’ve now sampled the Ginger Molasses and Snicker Doodle, both really strong.  I’m not sure which is my favorite yet.


Out to Brooklyn for Mast Brothers Chocolate


For Valentine’s Day I gave Mark some Blue Bottle TCHO chocolate (must have been a collaboration between my favorite coffee place and the San Francisco chocolatier) and Mast Brothers.  Awhile back, I thought their hipster chocolate thing in Brooklyn was a bit much.  Two guys making chocolate, beards, and those Williamsburg caps sailing to South America to get beans….


So I’ve been converted.  They have nailed the product, packaging, story and marketing.  They sell the bars all over New York, and I’ve seen them in the Stone Wall Kitchen in Connecticut.  We ate the Serrano Pepper one on Thursday, and I suggested we go out to Brooklyn to see where they make the chocolate.


Mark tried the marble brownie.  Delicious.  Rich and moist.  And I love a good brownie and hate hate hate to be disappointed with a bad one (Fat Witch, sorry).  Let’s say I sampled my way around the store.  I may have had just a few pieces of the Vanilla & Smoke.


All of it is dark chocolate, retailing at about $9 a bar, but it was 3 for $20 at the wholesale location.  And they were in the back, wrapping chocolate bars.  I’ve been enjoying the Mast Brothers Chocolate Cookies at Blue Bottle, but would go back to try the cake here.

We had the Brooklyn Blend at home.  Nice flavor, dark chocolate, hint of fruit.  I liked!

IMG_5348 IMG_5350 IMG_5351

BusinessInsider has a good video on them.  They temper the chocolate to give it a nice “crack” sound, when you dig in.

Mast Brothers Chocolate Cookie @ Blue Bottle

When we go to Blue Bottle on Saturday mornings, we’ll get a cookie, too.  Now you might be thinking, “a cookie for breakfast?”  I like to think it’s not much different than a muffin.  And we split it.

These are made with Mast Brothers chocolate (the bars that go for $8+).  They have a slight crisp on the outside and are chewy on the inside.  Which is my perfect kind of cookie.  And they have a bit of salt to balance the chocolate.  Love it.

A bit of an indulgence, but they are delicious.

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