Mom & Baby Day

I was lucky to have a mom & baby day this week.  They are a treat, and have one more left.  We had coffee with Dad in the morning, ate oatmeal, and attempted Mommy Baby yoga (had the time wrong), so abandoned that and got a sandwich and ate in Madison Square Park.  I’m not sure anyone realized what we were doing under the coat and cover.

There was a photoshoot with the sitting up card.  I’m a bit late with this one, and used the card on 2 different days to get the best shot if you happen to see the same card and 2 different outfits.

In the afternoon we made brownies and walked to the High Line where there was some napping.

Shake Shack in the Park

I do like Shake Shack.  In the summer, I love the experience of SS in Madison Square Park.  The lights strung overhead, the cold bear at the table outside.  The quite of the park, but the hustle and bustle of the city.  Beatrice is visiting from London for work, so we had to take her somewhere “New York in the Summer”.  That’s three Shake Attacks for the ladies.  That would be the normal Shack Burger with the cheese stuffed mushroom thing.  Pure goodness.