Almond Danish in the Flatiron, Sunday Style

We’ve talked about skipping our weekly Sunday doughnuts at Doughnut Plant to get a danish and coffee and eat it at the tables in the Flatiron.  So with our Lavazza coffee, we grabbed a table and enjoyed the beautiful morning.

I didn’t feel the least bit guilty, even with the guy behind us doing muscle competition poses in front of the camera for 30 minutes.  He must have been making a You Tube video.  He kept going and going.  Clearly very in shape.  This guy doesn’t eat danishes on Sunday mornings.  Which is really too bad for him.

Sunday at Donut Plant

We mixed things up a little this weekend because I had to take care of a few things at work.  So it was a doughnut AND coffee for me at Doughnut Plant today.  Usually we take our doughnuts to go and get coffee at Lavazza.  Today it was pistachio yeast.

They now serve a new coffee (Red Brick), not Intelligentsia like they used to.  It was good.  Not as smooth as Blue Bottle, of course.  But trying my coffee without sugar to see if I can notice any of the underlying flavors.

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