Summer Rose

We can’t drink enough of the pink stuff in the summer.  Our go to is Flatiron Wines.  Then we get bread at the Farmer’s Market or Eataly and make a big salad.  Love those summer vegetables.  Of course Baby is along for the ride.  IMG_8171 IMG_8170

Something’s in the Oven

Social media is funny.  I’m not one for making big announcements on Facebook.  But I might be willing to say a little more on Instagram because it’s a smaller group.  And then there is my blog, which is mostly friends and family.   I laugh at this picture so wanted to share on Jillie of All Trades.  And because we are on the home stretch here.  Yes, this is me at the wine store looking at what is going on.  Mark had already sampled the wines of Northern Italy and moved on to picking out his Rose for the evening.  I obviously had to find something else to do to entertain myself.


Spring! Maybe?


Where have I been??  It’s been weeks since my sister’s shower…and it’s been cold out.  And I’ve been training.  Very long bike rides.  So long, in fact, I go from New York, into New Jersey and cross back into New York farther north.  But I keep thinking spring is around the corner.  I saw this sign on Saturday, so it must mean the warmer weather is almost here. If nothing else, I think this means it is officially rose time.  Granted, I’ll drink it year round and had a glass last week.   Love it.