Bedford Cheese, now in Manhattan


We love Bedford Cheese, and the fact that one opened in Gramercy makes it so much easier for us to get to (versus Brooklyn).  So many cheeses to choose from, and a great staff to guide you and make recommendations.  Melody is our cheesemonger.  She hooked us up on New Year’s Eve and helped us again yesterday.  The writing is so clever on the little description cards, and clearly I’m not the only one who notices because there was an article in the NY Times on it.


They’ve got lots of other goodies to look at here, including lots of chocolate bars.  And Zoe’s which I recognized from Maryland.


Delicious dinner with a great wine from Flatiron Wines.  Loved the creamy blue cheese (I just love blue cheese)…and a little dessert. And I got to watch 5 episodes of Top Chef in a row.

IMG_5335 IMG_5333




Lemon Brioche, Eataly

We bopped into Eataly on a Sunday a month ago, and they were baking Lemon Brioche bread.  Topped with sugar crystals on top.  It looked delicious, and it came home with us.

I toasted mine and added just a touch (or two) of butter.  Delicious.  I loved the top edge.

The Final Panettone: The Eataly Version

And on to panettone #3 of our Buy 1 get 2 free offer at Eataly.  We started with a chocolate version, then moved on a more traditional version of the cake (the Corsini brand), and ended with Eataly’s take on it.

I think my favorite was the Corsini. I liked the texture of the cake and the way it pulled apart.  But I really enjoyed the bigger pieces of candied fruit in the Eataly version. That one me over, though M didn’t like that aspect of it.

So until next Christmas (or the next sale!)….

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