Doughnuts. It’s Been Awhile.

Did you think I wasn’t eating doughnuts because I haven’t posted recently?  We did have about 3 weeks off.   I splurged today with a blueberry and then a coconut lime doughseed.  This is a mini filled doughnut.  The mini means less guilt.

There is also a pic of baby really wanting to try the little mexican wedding cake doughnut.  No more teasing baby like this, she was just so sad when she realized I was not going to let her continue.  Should babies start on doughnuts this early?

Doughnuts & Coffee

What?  No coffee cake and Peanut Butter Banana for Mark?  We both got a mocha today.  I liked, but it wasn’t his favorite. Baby wanted a bite.  Too bad, it’s all for Mommy!  This is adult food here.

In the afternoon we went to the new Fika that opened on 9th Ave.  It actually opened yesterday, so we were really on it.  The weather was so nice that I decided it was time for an iced coffee.

Beautiful weekend and can’t wait for more of these.

Purim Doughnuts

Ok…so I deleted this last post by accident.  A new one is coming next.

This is my Purim Doughnut.  I don’t know the details of Purim, just that it involves pirates, Hamantaschen cookies and poppy seed filling.  I was waiting for Mark and needed a doughnut appetizer.  I couldn’t resist this one.  I then had my real doughnut after.  Wild Blueberry this week!

Fall Weekend: Gansevoort Market

What a beautiful weekend we had!  Of course this meant we had to venture out.  I read about the new Gansevoort Market in the Meatpacking area.  It’s like other New York “food courts” with local food purveyors (some from Smorgasburg in Brooklyn).  Little kiosks with tacos, desserts, coffee…this one has a nice seating area with skylights.  We just popped in, didn’t try anything since we just at at the new Boom Sushi on the way.  Check out this recent article from Forbes.

And it’s fall so this meant the seasonal doughnut at Doughnut Plant.  I love the toasted pumpkin seeds, and they DO use real pumpkin.  Compared to the Starbucks PSL.


Doughnut Plant: Three for Us, Please

It’s been awhile since my epic doughnut recap.  But we still go.   And Mark has switched over to the doughnuts from the cinnamon bun.  It’s usually 3 every week.  Two for him, one for me.  He always goes with the coffee cake and the peanut butter banana cream square.  Me?  I need to see how I’m feeling that morning.  It could be a yeast day, or a cake doughnut day.  I might try the seasonal selection or go with one of my favorites, the blueberry or oatmeal.  It never disappoints.

IMG_4804 IMG_4881


Blueberry Doughnuts. Two of Them!



I’ve never gotten the blueberry doughnut at Doughnut Plant, but after seeing a few people have them and the very blueberry inside I decided this was the week.  It’s like a glazed blueberry muffin.  Lots of blueberries in the cake.  It was so good that I had two.  Happy Mother’s Day!

Doughnut Plant: Two Square Doughnuts

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted about doughnuts.  But they are back, and maybe it’s because I’ve really been on a jelly filled square kick.  It’s been my doughnut of choice for 3 weeks now.  Mark’s pick is the peanut butter banana filled square doughnut.  And then we go back for one more at the end to split.  To say that we are regulars is an understatement.  Nearly every Sunday we head there for our sweet Sunday treat.

My many other doughnut posts:  Doughnuts (all the doughnuts from 2011), and doughnuts (the square), and doughnuts (one of my favs revealed here) more doughnuts (ones that travel to Mad Square Park).

IMG_3831 IMG_3829



Cinnamon Bun @ Doughnut Plant

About once a year I opt for the cinnamon bun at Doughnut Plant.  Yes, I don’t get a doughnut.   Can you believe it?   I think the cinnamon roll is more of a commitment in the carbohydrate area.  That being said, it was great…not overbaked, huge raisins, and frosting.



Cup of Lavazza from Eataly and a table in the flatiron area.  Perfect Sunday on a 3 day weekend (yes, this was last Sunday).