New! Think Coffee

A Think Coffee opened up on our street, at the entrance of the High Line.  Of course we had to give it a try. It was fine, not my favorite.  But nice to hang out.  I still can’t believe what the north end of the HL looks like these days.  The Hudson Yards project must be over 40 stories at this point, with more of the smaller buildings going up around it now.  Crazy.

Jack’s Coffee

We have walked by Jack’s Coffee at 10 Downing for awhile now, always saying we should stop.  Yesterday was the day.  We started out in Chelsea, wandered through the West Village (lunch stop) and then continued on towards Soho.  Iced coffee for me.  That is the sign of spring, when it’s warm enough for an iced coffee.  Jack’s did a nice job.  Good amount of H&H, perfect amount of ice.  I don’t like it when there isn’t enough ice and it all melts.

Doughnuts & Coffee

What?  No coffee cake and Peanut Butter Banana for Mark?  We both got a mocha today.  I liked, but it wasn’t his favorite. Baby wanted a bite.  Too bad, it’s all for Mommy!  This is adult food here.

In the afternoon we went to the new Fika that opened on 9th Ave.  It actually opened yesterday, so we were really on it.  The weather was so nice that I decided it was time for an iced coffee.

Beautiful weekend and can’t wait for more of these.

Blue Bottle. Snickerdoodle for Breakfast.


Our thing is Blue Bottle on Saturday mornings.  A quick workout at the gym, then a walk over to 15th Street.  They see us coming and start the coffee pouring.  We usually get one Mast Brothers chocolate cookie and split it.  Nothing like a cookie for breakfast.  But  recently we got two cookies and I tried the Snickerdoodle.  Really nice flavor here.  I’ve now sampled the Ginger Molasses and Snicker Doodle, both really strong.  I’m not sure which is my favorite yet.


Sunday at Donut Plant

We mixed things up a little this weekend because I had to take care of a few things at work.  So it was a doughnut AND coffee for me at Doughnut Plant today.  Usually we take our doughnuts to go and get coffee at Lavazza.  Today it was pistachio yeast.

They now serve a new coffee (Red Brick), not Intelligentsia like they used to.  It was good.  Not as smooth as Blue Bottle, of course.  But trying my coffee without sugar to see if I can notice any of the underlying flavors.

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