Cinnamon Bun @ Doughnut Plant

About once a year I opt for the cinnamon bun at Doughnut Plant.  Yes, I don’t get a doughnut.   Can you believe it?   I think the cinnamon roll is more of a commitment in the carbohydrate area.  That being said, it was great…not overbaked, huge raisins, and frosting.



Cup of Lavazza from Eataly and a table in the flatiron area.  Perfect Sunday on a 3 day weekend (yes, this was last Sunday).


I Cheated with the Cinnamon Roll

I always get a donut.  Yeast or maybe regular.  But I gave in, twice now.  M convinced me to get the Cinnamon Roll from Doughnut Plant.  I protested and said it was too much, I wouldn’t possibly be hungry for lunch after this.  Was I cheating on my regular Sunday breakfast treat?  We’ve been together awhile. In fact, all through 2011.

But oh, it was so good.  The raisins are huge, I don’t know where they grow them this big!  A nice vanilla glaze, pieces that pull apart.

I may be back for more.

And I was hungry for lunch.

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