Baby Goes to Brooklyn

Amy and Robbie are moving to California at the end of the month, so we ventured out for a final goodbye.  Robbie is an artist, so they had an open artist studio which we hung out at.  Amy is expecting in July so we also passed on a few baby items (had to make room for the rainforest jumparoo, this is a NY apartment after all).  Couldn’t say no to an afternoon coffee at Kos Coffee.  It was a tad chilly out there.

Amy and Mark know each other from summer camp in California, and Amy married her childhood sweetheart (from this same camp!) a few years ago (link).

Taking the Cole Haans out to Brooklyn

These were a gift to me back in February of this year.  Cole Haan Lunar Grands – a leather wingtip upper and funky Nike sole in bright green.  Comfortable and stylish!  Of course, I’ve been in search of the right pant to wear with them.  I finally found a pair of cropped pants I like this week.  I just had such issues with how they fit in the waist, hips…

Anyway, I wore these with a pair of “matchstick” jeans from J Crew.  Not skinny, but slimmer at the ankles.

I took this look out to Williamsburg, Brooklyn for dinner.  Note the plaid shirt.  Mark made us reservations at Le Comptoir.   It was so quiet when we got there, but was busy busy soon after.  We shared the charcuterie with cheese and had the foie gras creme brule on the side.  Savory and sweet!

And then we finished off the evening with drinks at Hotel Delmano.  A thyme infused beverage for me, and a spiced apple one for him.

Amy & Robbie, Brooklyn NY

Our last wedding of the season.  And we stayed local for this one.  Well, we did have to travel to Brooklyn.  This is a pretty cute story:  Amy & Robbie met when they were 8 years old at summer camp.  Robbie knew then Amy was his girl.  It just took a few years to bring us all together for their big day.  They made a stamp of a picture they had taken back in the day at camp.

There was a weekend of events, very casual, bringing friends and family together.  But on the big day, we followed a marching band from the art gallery to the Brooklyn waterfront.  It was so Brooklyn.  And the gaggle of people watching this and taking pictures was fun to watch.

Down with the band at the waterfront.  I loved that Amy wore a slinky red dress!

The yamakas were stamped with Suki (Amy’s little pug).  And here we are on our way with the parade!

A few more pics tomorrow.

Giving it a Try: Granola Lab

Picked this up at Smorgasburg.   The owner of Granola Lab had a table out with samples of all of her granola.  I’m game for a sample.  Made in Brooklyn and shooting for the right combination of sweet and savory, this granola is good.  As she said at the table, she doesn’t skimp on the good stuff.

I had the Activation Energy with coffee, chocolate and hazelnuts.  But she also makes Tamarind Fusion (tamarind:  a new taste I recently discovered), Get Gingersnapping, and Cranberry-Cashew Compound.  It was great over my greek yogurt, especially because, as I mention above, she doesn’t skimp on the good stuff.  At $10 a package, it’s not cheap.  But it’s worth it because I looked forward to breakfast for  week. Of course, I always look forward to breakfast, but this made for an exceptional start to my morning.

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Rose @ Thirstbarvin

Ahhh, the unofficial start of summer.  Memorial Day weekend.  What better way to kick off a weekend than with a glass (or 3) of rose.   We read about this unassuming french inspired restaurant in the New Yorker.  And I bookmarked it in my To Try list on Foursquare.  It’s really simple, seasonal, local.  And well, we do like that.  Lots of wines as well.  We shared a dandelion salad, tart and lentils with lardons to start.  Then shared a main, the pork and chard caillettes.  And no, I did not know what this was when we ordered it.  It came recommended and was described as sausage like. Sign me up.

Cheers!  Here’s to the start of a great summer!

Thirstbaravin’s blog:

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Foragers from Brooklyn

There has been an empty space on 8th Avenue in the 20s for awhile.  It’s rotated through art installations and just being empty.  Foragers, a grocer from Brooklyn, finally gook the space. Now there is a wine story, little grocery with fresh and local items, and a restaurant.

I was a bit under the weather Thursday and Friday (more like flat out and not moving on Friday), but took a little walk because after being inside for 24 hours I needed fresh air.  Down to Forager’s for M to get something to eat.  Now I want to feel well enough to try it out.  They have Sigmund’s pretzels and Dough doughnuts at the coffee bar.  Lots of different chocolate bars.  And a  prepared food section like Whole Foods.  M had the roast chicken, and decided while good, it wasn’t Chirping Chicken.

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Artisanal Brooklyn: Ginger Syrup from Morris Kitchen

I got my NY Magazine this week and I laughed at the cover: Artisanal Brooklyn.  It’s so so true.  Everything has been pickled, dried, batched, small batched, refined…there is nothing left.

Smorgasburg is a great opportunity to sample a few of the items (yes, they are generous with the samples).  We gave in and bought the Preserved Ginger Syrup from Morris Kitchen.

We figured it would be a great addition to our seltzer water (and it was!).  Tyler and Kari Morris are the brother and sister team behind the syrup.  Other options are lemon and an apple one in the fall.

As the website points out, it’s small batches made in Brooklyn.  The labels are letter pressed and hand stamped (of course, they are!).

Morris Kitchen:

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