Amy & Robbie, Brooklyn NY

Our last wedding of the season.  And we stayed local for this one.  Well, we did have to travel to Brooklyn.  This is a pretty cute story:  Amy & Robbie met when they were 8 years old at summer camp.  Robbie knew then Amy was his girl.  It just took a few years to bring us all together for their big day.  They made a stamp of a picture they had taken back in the day at camp.

There was a weekend of events, very casual, bringing friends and family together.  But on the big day, we followed a marching band from the art gallery to the Brooklyn waterfront.  It was so Brooklyn.  And the gaggle of people watching this and taking pictures was fun to watch.

Down with the band at the waterfront.  I loved that Amy wore a slinky red dress!

The yamakas were stamped with Suki (Amy’s little pug).  And here we are on our way with the parade!

A few more pics tomorrow.