It’s Been A Year?

How time flies.  We’ve enjoyed every minute.  Ok, almost every minute.  I don’t always love a 3 am wake up call.

It was a big day so we had to do a few things:

  • Birthday coffee at Blue Bottle (well, coffee for us).  With a slice of pumpkin bread for baby.
  • Attempt at a Daddy/Baby picture to recreate the Day 5 picture
  • Subways with a stroller (ARGH!)
  • Lunch at Despana (pouch for baby)
  • Some shopping in SoHo (I had to say no to the baby Moncler jacket)
  • Park time (also known as a place to nurse on the go)
  • Stop in the Apple Store so Mommy can look at the watch she wants
  • Play time
  • Cake
  • And the next day, some kettlebells to work off the cake.

We Attempted the new Whitney Museum


My last official Mommy Baby day was yesterday.   What a nice day for it.  Cool and sunny, it was a perfect day.  After lunch with Dad, I figured we’d head down the High Line and hit the Whitney.  Oh, what an amateur I am.  I should have figured the new museum which just opened would be a popular place.  I needed to get tickets the day before for a specific time.  Oh well, we’ll try again.  So instead I got a water and sat in the chairs right outside the museum.  We had fun doing selfies.  Yup, no socks on the baby.

Back up the High Line with a stop for my favorite New Orleans Iced Coffee at Blue Bottle.  Baby was asleep by this point.  Rough day.

Bryant Park, the Holiday Version

At about 3 pm on Friday I decided the girls needed to get out.  So we ventured up to Bryant Park with the Ergo to check out the holiday festivities.  A stop at the Blue Bottle, a stroll through the holiday shops and some views of the ice skaters made for a nice Friday afternoon.  What’s next on the list of holiday sights to go see?

Coffee: Third Wave

IMG_6004Before I go any further, I want it to be known that I really enjoy the blueberry coffee from Dunkin Donuts.  When I was pregnant I’d really get it iced with whole milk and sugar.  Flavors like coconut macaroon?  Toasted almond? Love them.

And then I also like fancy coffee.  They call it “third wave”.  Someone carefully roasts the single origin beans, notes the location and the undertones of certain flavors…When I drink this coffee I use a splash of cream and that’s it. No sweetener needed.  Blue Bottle is my favorite one of these, but there is also Stumptown, Intelligentsia and Toby’s Estate here in New York.  They’ll do individual pour overs where they make your coffee individually, slowly pouring water over the carefully measured out grounds.  They calibrate it each morning to get the amount just right.

Well, I thought I’d try the new Toby’s in the West Village last week.  Baby and I ventured out with the stroller.  And then we arrived.  It’s a corner location with a pole right in front of the door.  I just didn’t know how we’d squeeze in there.

IMG_5962I gave up and went to Champion Coffee in the new Gansevoort Market.  It was quiet and I had plenty of space for the stroller.  Good coffee!

We tried Toby’s on Sunday with the Ergobaby.  Success!  It was really crowded inside, but the coffee was solid.


Baby…It’s Cold!

It’s cold out there today, but nothing we can’t handle!  Bundled up the little baby in the Moby and walked down to Blue Bottle.  We all enjoyed our coffee and Mast Brothers cookie.  Who doesn’t love a cookie in the morning?

IMG_5820 - Version 2


It’s New Orleans Ice Coffee Time!

Oh, the weather was glorious this morning!  After a quick trip to the gym, we of went to Blue Bottle in Chelsea (of course, we are there every Saturday).  And it was New Orleans Iced Coffee time. The day called for it.  It’s like drinking melted coffee ice cream….yummmm.  It’s cold brewed for 18 hours, with roasted chicory and can sugar.  You can learn more about it here.  With a generous pour of Battenkill Valley whole milk.  Yes, the milk makes a difference.  I had my first one a few years ago on the High Line right before the 2011 NYC triathlon, and manage to fit a few in when the weather is nice in the summer.


Blue Bottle. Snickerdoodle for Breakfast.


Our thing is Blue Bottle on Saturday mornings.  A quick workout at the gym, then a walk over to 15th Street.  They see us coming and start the coffee pouring.  We usually get one Mast Brothers chocolate cookie and split it.  Nothing like a cookie for breakfast.  But  recently we got two cookies and I tried the Snickerdoodle.  Really nice flavor here.  I’ve now sampled the Ginger Molasses and Snicker Doodle, both really strong.  I’m not sure which is my favorite yet.