High Falls NY Wedding

We drove up to High Falls, NY for a wedding on Saturday.  High Falls is a little west of New Paltz, about 90 minutes north of the city.  It was baby’s first wedding. And my first wedding reception in a barn with lights hanging from the rafters, long communal tables and strings of lights. I’ve always wanted to attend an event in a decorated barn.

It was a very very warm day, and the pollen hit me hard.  But Shadow Lawn was a nice venue for the Schwartsbury wedding.  There were about 15 kids there, a handful under one and then a few early walkers.  They provided babysitters for everyone, at the stone house across from the barn. But baby and the young ones hung out at the reception.  We just parked the stroller out front (see below).  She was a dream (almost) and she did a bit of lap sitting.  I think we convinced the couple across from us babies are awesome.  By 8, though, we were pushing it and had to leave.  Before the cake was cut!  The cake table looked great so am sad I didn’t get to sample.

North Fork for Joe and Paul

What a great day to head out to the vineyards on the North Fork.  This was an early celebration for Joe and Paul who are getting married next month in London.  We won’t be making the trip, but wanted to wish them all the best.  Joe and I were on the same learning team at Darden.  Wow, we’ve known each other for 12 years!

We had the party bus pick us up in NY in the morning, dropping us off at the first vineyard around noon.  Three vineyards, group lunch on a picnic table and over 30 friends.

Amy & Robbie, Brooklyn NY

Our last wedding of the season.  And we stayed local for this one.  Well, we did have to travel to Brooklyn.  This is a pretty cute story:  Amy & Robbie met when they were 8 years old at summer camp.  Robbie knew then Amy was his girl.  It just took a few years to bring us all together for their big day.  They made a stamp of a picture they had taken back in the day at camp.

There was a weekend of events, very casual, bringing friends and family together.  But on the big day, we followed a marching band from the art gallery to the Brooklyn waterfront.  It was so Brooklyn.  And the gaggle of people watching this and taking pictures was fun to watch.

Down with the band at the waterfront.  I loved that Amy wore a slinky red dress!

The yamakas were stamped with Suki (Amy’s little pug).  And here we are on our way with the parade!

A few more pics tomorrow.

Dan & Isabel, Rhinecliff NY

Dan & Isabel got married!  Great weekend in Rhinecliff, NY at the Rhinecliff Hotel.  I’ve never really been up to this area of New York, so it was a great reason to head up to Dutchess County.  Mark knows Dan from High School (I know, that makes it a very long time).  The best man and maid of honor recreated the Dan & Isabel meet cute with puppets.  Yes, the Sesame Street kind.  We all had quite a few laughs.

I love the picture above, and posted a version with Instagram.  Multiple cakes.  Which means I had more than one piece if anyone knows me and my sweet tooth.

Coconut for the main cake?  I love coconut!

And Jill & Mark.


Nate & Jen, Atlanta

Started our wedding weekends last weekend with a great trip to Atlanta.  And as an extra bonus, I got to see Peter!  The reception was in the Vinings, with a great view of downtown.  And one of my favorite things?  The candy to bag up and take home.

The lighting wasn’t great, but had to include a picture of us outside at the reception.

Katie & Ken, Washington DC

Last weekend we attended Katie & Ken’s wedding in Washington DC.  God, I’ve known Katie for nearly 20 years now!  Very happy for the married couple and it was great to see the Lopez family and people I haven’t seen in years (Meg!).  The reception was at Fort McNair which provided a great night time view of the Washington Monument.

Wedding: Wine & Chocolate

S&S’s wedding weekend continues…
Between the ceremony at St. Christopher and the reception, all the guests were invited to Rustico on Love Point (how appropriate!) for wine and cheese and chocolate.  Right up my alley!  I tried 2 of the reds and a white, starting with the Sierra Collado above.  I really liked the red by the little roast beef toasts, I think it was the shiraz.  Anyhow, loved having glass in hand and catching up with friends I hadn’t seen in a while!

And look at the chocolate lobsters and buckeyes!  You know I couldn’t say “no” to these.

 Guests spilled out to the patio area, lingered in side, sipped and ate.

Wedding Weekend: Sarah & Steve

Wedding weekend.  A beautiful weekend.  The setting was perfect, the couple was obviously happy, and it was a crowd of friends and family.  My dear friend Sarah got married this weekend in Maryland.  It’s crazy for me to think how long we’ve known each other now.  Nearly 10 years, since it’s 10 years since we applied to Darden, and we were roommates that first year.  Sight unseen, just an exchange of emails and maybe a phone call.  And clearly worked out quite well.

The flowers at the church and the reception were gorgeous.  I couldn’t help but take a few shots.  And the bridesmaids bouquets were pretty in pink.

 We were right on the water, so sipped champagne while the sun set.  

And I’ll have a whole week of posts because I can’t just sum it up with these pictures. More to come!