Quick Trip: Pacific Northwest

Quick trip to Portland, Olympia and Seattle 2 weeks ago.  Very quick with sunset time for any exploring.  And I really need to go back.  Loved all the coffee options in Portland the could spend more time exploring Seattle and the area.  Hit some tourist sites like the very first Starbucks, the fish market and fancy Portland coffee at Coava.  I couldn’t say no to the pumpkin ginger scone or latte (should have gotten their honey latte at that point!).

Vancouver! Victoria!

Quick 2 day trip to Canada.  Two very long days, though. Vancouver seems like a great city and the mountains in the background are beautiful.   I’ve never been and would love to go back for fun.  I even fit in a sea plane trip over to Victoria.  This little puddle jumper was busy all day long, flights leaving every 20 minutes.  Which means the pilot is actually looking out the window to confirm where the planes are.

Connecticut for Memorial Day

We spent the long weekend at my parents in Connecticut.  Baby was still getting over her cold/congestion and Mark caught what Stella was passing out.   I got back to New York with my own crusty eye.   Other than that, it was good to see the family.  My mom does use this as a chance to make desserts, including the chocolate cake I remember as a kid (the frosting is like chocolate chips).  And we cut it right out of the middle of the pan.  Some parade, trip to Target, home cooked meals…

And We Are Flying!

We did it!  We made it to California and back.  Baby is our star traveler, and I think she’s ready for that trip to Paris next.  You’ll notice that Glow Worm came with us.  Tucked away in the Go Ruck on the way there (so manly!) and the diaper bag on the way home.  Security is a breeze when you are the 5th person through it at 5 am.

And our little Bay Area baby in her fleece:IMG_6624

Bay Area: Baby is Coming!

Last month I took my last pre-baby flight to head to Walnut Creek for my baby shower with the Brooks family.  I stayed with Mark’s family, and his sister joined us from LA for the weekend.   Baby Shower and an earthquake, I fit it all in!  Thank you to my sister for sending along one of her maternity dresses.  May as well get some more use out of it!  We had lots of family friends and new moms (so ambitious to bring all the new babies).  

Burlington, Montreal, & New Paltz

We went on a little adventure this weekend north to Canada. It’s always nice to get away from New York City, and it’s always nice to come back home. We took the camera to get some practice in before October.

First stop Burlington, VT.   Burgers with local beef, pizza with fresh ingredients and of course, coffee in the morning.

Then on to Montreal.  Montreal is a small city, so very easy to cover some ground if you’ve got your walking shoes on.  Nice to see the French influence.  When they ask me for water in French, does that mean they think I’m French?  

We left early Monday to beat the traffic.  Just a quick stop in New Paltz where we made a pit stop and I had some apple cider doughnuts.  Why not?

San Francisco: Quick Trip

IMG_3835I got to escape the cold with a quick trip to San Francisco and Half Moon Bay for work last week.  I couldn’t have needed it any more…I could feel the warm air as soon as I exited the plane.   Dinner with a friend and day in the San Francisco office…was great.  I also took advantage of lunch to head next door to the Ferry Building.  After checking out all my options, I went with the Beef Pho from Out the Door, the takeout of the Slanted Door which I love.  I went outside and sat on the bench, enjoying the view and lunch.

And just a few shots of the office which is out on the pier.  Great space.  I even lucked into a cocktail reception for work that night, right next door at La Mar.