Two Little Red Hens & Pie for Lunch

We finally made it!  This was our work field trip at 1 pm on Friday.  Which means most of us made pie our lunch.  After investigating pie options on the UES, there was only one choice:  Two Little Red Hens.  I couldn’t decide and ended up with 2 pieces!!  Blueberry and cherry are hands down my favorite fruit pies.  And this blueberry didn’t disappoint.  As you can see, we all left with our goods to take back to the office.  Yum yum yum.

Working My Way Through Ice Cream…

This doesn’t even really cover what I’ve had this summer.  I didn’t get a picture of Oddfellows in Brooklyn, or the Sprinkles Ice Cream & Cupcake concoction I tried last Thursday.  The concretes at Shake Shack are hard to beat as well.

But I’ve managed to sample a few other pints in the last week.  We are also a fan of Steve’s.  Three Twins not so much.  I never have a problem with Ben & Jerry’s.    Expect more ice cream to be consumed this summer.

Salt Water Taffy


My parents brought me back taffy from their Maine trip.  I love taffy.  I love the pure sugar.  I grew up on salt water taffy from Shriver’s in Ocean City, NJ.  Mark is not into it, so will probably work through the box by myself.

Rainbow Cake (or the Duff Tie Dye Cake)

IMG_3660 IMG_3652 IMG_3648I had the opportunity to help make the Duff Tie Dye cake recently so had to post.  It was a little bit of work with more than my typical one bowl, lots of drops and careful following of directions.  I was skeptical…but it turned out really well.  The box cover definitely implies some creativity with the color order.   It was a crowd pleaser and fun.

Last Stop: Singapore

My updates on my trip have taken 2 weeks, apologies to those who want more coffee and cookie pics.  I do need to wrap up this weekend because I need to move on to the holiday season. My absolute favorite time of year.  So let’s finish with Singapore.  It’s new, it’s clean, and I liked the food.  I really had to look at a map to understand exactly where I was.   It was on the warmer side and everyone kept asking if I thought it was hot.  Hot? Have you ever been waiting for the N/R/Q in Herald Square in the summer when the sweat is dripping down your legs?  When the city just holds in the heat?

I had to have the famous Chili Crabs, which come in a spicy sauce.  You just dig right in there, and sop up the sauce with these little buns.  Delicious.  Rama made sure we had the drunken prawns, heads on.  They drown them in alcohol then light it on fire to cook them.  And for lunch we had Vietnamese and Thai.  I loved the food because there was just about everything as an option.  The office is great, too, because everyone brings back sweets from their travels.  Which means great middle eastern treats.

The buildings and skyline are great and you get a great view over the water.

Of course I sampled two local specialties.  One of my meetings with two of the managers was at a little coffee shop nearby.  We had little coffees that are really strong and made with condensed milk.  It was like a dessert.

IMG_3015 IMG_3019And then there was Durian.  I’ve heard much about this fruit.  You love it or hate it.  And it smells terrible.  You aren’t allowed to bring it on the subway because of the smell.  No transporting this via an airport either.  It’s banned (someone in the office tried it, they thought there was a gas leak and it didn’t end well).  I couldn’t get my hands on the fruit, but when we did shakes for the team meeting on Friday afternoon I put in an order for a Durian milkshake – medium strength.  “Light” seemed wimpy and I wasn’t sure about “Strong”.  I was a fan.

IMG_3051 IMG_3050

Cinnamon Bun @ Doughnut Plant

About once a year I opt for the cinnamon bun at Doughnut Plant.  Yes, I don’t get a doughnut.   Can you believe it?   I think the cinnamon roll is more of a commitment in the carbohydrate area.  That being said, it was great…not overbaked, huge raisins, and frosting.



Cup of Lavazza from Eataly and a table in the flatiron area.  Perfect Sunday on a 3 day weekend (yes, this was last Sunday).


Eric Kayser in New York. Pastry Time.


We stumbled upon the only NYC Eric Kayser bakery last December when we were strolling the UES during the holidays.  But I’ve seen the coming store in the Flatiron and near Bryant Park for months now.  And the Flatiron store is open!  We’ve actually been twice, to pick up bread for dinner.  But today we ventured there for coffee and pastries.  The coffee tasted a little like Lavazza right around the corner.  And I’m not one to ever blink at the cost of a cup of coffee in New York, but $3.50 for my to go cup seemed a tad high.  Alas, I needed coffee to accompany breakfast.

IMG_1972 IMG_1977 IMG_1976It couldn’t have been a more gorgeous morning to hop on the bikes and ride over.  Our new favorite way to get from here to there.




Lady M. So Delicate.

IMG_0755Lady M.  How could I resist?  I have never been to the store, but Jingya decided it was her lunch today and brought back a slice for to try.  Oh, and did I try it.   The cake is 20 paper thin layers of crepe and green tea mousse.  It was so light!  And the green tea flavor really came out at the end.  And it’s so pretty.

You can find the cakes at the Plaza Food Hall and at their E 78th Street Boutique.




More Easter Candy…Malted Milk Eggs

IMG_5367I figured, why not just continue on with the Easter candy I’ve been eating recently.  Last week was a classic and I’m back with another favorite.  Malted Milk Eggs, or mini Robin Eggs.  I can’t stop.  Well, I can…when I make myself ill after eating too many.  Love these!  I limited myself by buying the $1 carton at Target figuring at least I was limiting the calories to ~450.  I ate the entire carton in one day!