Aquaphor NYC Triathlon…6 Times!

I started with triathlons 7 years ago a the NYC Triathlon.  I started this blog 4 years ago around NYC Triathlon time.   Boy, how time flies.  This is a race that is near and dear to my heart. I know the course, I know the walk to the swim (my running route!), I love going and running into people I know.  And I run into lots of them!

I’m flying off to London for a week. While I’m excited about the British Airways business class flight. I’m not excited it’s at 9:55 tonight after getting up at 3:30 am.  Till next weekend!

63 Miles. Farther Than I’ve Been.

It was a big training weekend, our last big one before the race (in a week!).   Again, both days started with my standard PB&J, though I changed up the bread for something with less fiber this week.

5590_10101071039245616_1427815533_n IMG_1485

Saturday morning destination:  Coney Island at 7:30 a.m. (= 6 am train out of Manhattan).   The water was COOOOLD, or about 56 degrees.  I moved myself up to the advanced group and stayed in there for the 25 minutes.  My toes were numb.  The entire time I was thinking about the Bachelorette episode with Tiara going for the plunge in the freezing lake and ending up in the hospital.  Then it was off to run through Brooklyn.

IMG_5536Back at it Sunday morning.  It was a 63 mile ride waaaayyyyy out to Rockland Lake with a few fellow TNTers.  Ok, so I stopped to take pictures along the way.  My food for the ride above.  Can you tell I like the sweet/chocolate flavors?  This is just the start of the ride.  I’m on the George Washington Bridge with Manhattan behind me.IMG_1503 IMG_1492

And we made it.  I thought I was the slowest, but we rode as a group.  With a few pit stops, and stops to make sure everyone was ok and still with us.  Yes, that’s my bike jersey that makes me feel a little more professional.  I’m not as matchy matchy as all of the other bikers, so only sort of look the part.



Half Ironman for Lymphoma & Leukemia

One of our 1st Saturday morning Central Park runs.

It’s a cold run when we head out in the winter to run.  But 18 degrees in fresh snow is nothing when it’s for a great cause.  I did my first triathlon at 30, now 7 years ago.  And after 5 NYC Triathlons and over $6,000 raised for Team in Training, I’m embarking on my first Half Ironman.  I’ll be raising $3,900 for Lymphoma & Leukemia and finishing a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike ride and 13.2 mile run in Mont Tremblant, Canada.

Check out my Fundraising Site:

Group training on the computrainers at Tailwinds on Saturday.
Monday night 8:30 swims at Asphalt Green.


I’m training with 2 people who have benefited from the support of LLS, having been diagnosed with Hodgkins.  If they can train, I can too.  And if they can finish, I can too.  Even I wonder how I became a triathlete, I was very not sporty in high school.  But I’m here and feel better than ever.  In fact, this blog started with a triathlon in 2009.  And I continued on in for my 5th 2012. I’m addicted, and I’m addicted to the cause.  LLS has raised $750 million running Team in Training.  I’m a small part.

Smiling at the 2012 NYC Triathlon finish.

I just hope I’m smiling like this in June!

CrossFit! Crazy Sneakers!

I decided I needed to mix up my workout routine a bit.  With the hurricane, maybe I should clarify that and say “I just need to work out”.  Chelsea Piers was hit hard and is closed until December 1.  And well, I’m not alone in seeking out comfort food during Sandy (see this NY Times article about the Sandy Five).

Before the storm, I took an intro class at CrossFit NYC.  Let me just say, those 15 minutes were….exhausting.  Squats, throwing a medicine ball, burpees, sit ups.  And I was sore.  So I committed to the Elements classes to learn the technique.  And I’ll likely continue through December while my CP membership is on hold.  But everyone at Cross Fit had minimalist sneakers.  So I had to have some, too, so I am appropriately dressed and look the part, of course.

These are care of, 25% off (they ALWAYS run sales).


Fall Ride

Where is this gorgeous weather coming from? It made for a great ride on Sunday, when a group from work all participated in the MS ride. Last year I did the 30 mile loop around Manhattan, this year I stepped it up to 55.

Through the Holland Tunnel and Hoboken, up to the Palisades and back down to the George Washington Bridge. Nick from my team joined me, and I only went off route once. Thank God for the iPhone and the ability to meet up again.

Next year 100 miles? Yeah, not likely.



NYC Tri: 2 Flats, Steamy Run, Sub 3 Hours

The title sums up my race.  It was a great day for the NYC Triathlon (my 3rd with Team in Training).  There was no choppy water, just a dead fish or two (yes, really).  I had my fastest time on the swim and was having a great bike ride.  Then about 20 minutes from the transition I hear “PSHHHHHHHH”.  Flat tire!!  Since TNT makes us practice, I knew I could do it, it just wasn’t going to be pretty.  I pull over as bikers fly by me, and realize that I don’t have the right tube and used my OTHER spare for the flat before the race even started.

And out of nowhere, the Toga Bikes truck appears.  It was like someone was watching out for me because we are warned you might never get help because there is one truck over the course.  Two guys jump out, give me a new tube, fix up the sliced tire…hold the bike while I clip on and push me off back into the pack.  Below is the very start of the run as we head to the street and into Central Park.

And where we come up out of the river.

I still finished the bike in decent time, despite the 15 minute delay.  Good race, good story.  More than anything, I proved to myself I could deal with the unexpected.  And until next year…

NY Times article post race here.

My Swim Look


My swim look is not really a good one.  But survived our hour open water swim and boardwalk run.  Now I’m BEAT!   Coney Island was busy come 10:30 this morning.  Beach goers and Mermaid parade watchers were streaming out of the subway as I headed back towards Manhattan.  N & C stayed for Nathan’s.  I just didn’t have a hot dog in me!


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Tortaria Sandwiches, Yum!


It was our first open water swim practice for Team in Training.  Got on the subway at 6 am yesterday and headed out to Coney Island. It was a really nice morning, the water was just cold!  But made it through the 45 minutes of swimming.  A quick run on the board walk and headed home.  Unfortunately suffered the same “injury” as last year.  The skin on my chest was rubbed raw by the zipper on my shirt in the salty water.  Darn it, I’ll never learn!

Was just plain starving when I got home, so we headed to Tortaria for tortas, a Mexican style sandwich.  We had the pulled pork with avocado, Chihuahua cheese, summer cilantro, and roasted peppers.  And a bag of chips and guacamole.  It totally hit the spot, though the guac was a little spicy, even for us!

Tortaria:  94 University Place, NY NY

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Last Bike Ride of the Season: MS Bike Tour

At the finish, with about 6 Pure bars I picked up along the way

I had big plans to do the 50 mile ride this week, I felt up to it.  And then I was cold at the start and realized I had a bunch of things I needed to do before I head out to CT this afternoon.  So 30 miles it was, but a fast 30 miles around the perimeter of Manhattan and I finished in about 1:45.  The FDR and West Side Highway were shut down for us, and I was focused on pushing hard for a good time.

Inwood Park, near Columbia

Again, no rain this week!  Next year, mental note to remember the long sleeve shirt under the short sleeve one.   Now that I’ve done the two 30 mile rides with ease, ready to tackle something longer.   Next year.  I’m tired of the bike leaning against the wall near the door so want to take the tire off and store it under the counter for the winter.  The issues of a tiny NY apartment.

Twin Lights Ride: 30 Miles

I signed up for the Twin Lights ride back in July.  And I convinced a fellow triathlete to ride as well.  Of course, as the day approached, we were suddenly willing to give up on the entire ride if it rained.  So much for being hard core during triathlon training, it’s all gone out the window.  But we confirmed our plans Saturday night and said 30 miles might be enough.
I got my pick up before the Holland Tunnel and off we went to the Highlands in New Jersey.  The ride was really nice and the weather held out for us, not a lick of rain.  I have a nice farmer’s tan to show for it.  We rode through the back roads of New Jersey.
Yes, at mile 11 we were tempted to just continue on the 55 mile route.  And then, after a bit of debate, we decided to finish 30 miles strong.  Good call, as my behind was ready for a break by mile 30.  Gearing up for another ride next weekend, this time up and over the George Washington bridge.