Another Snowy Start to the Week

I love starting my work week with snow or sleet.  It guarantees I have to hold the handrail down the stairs into the subway (ewwwww).  But it also makes me feel like I’m schlepping versus commuting.  Coats and bags, slipping off shoulders while snow blows into my face.  When it’s sunny and brisk I feel like it’s just another day commuting.  So here we are schlepping on another snowy day.  It was nasty out so I decided skinny jeans and fancy socks would make the day better…for someone!

Snow Day!

So it wasn’t the epic storm predicted.  But it was still fun, especially because the city was basically shut down.  Mark’s office closed at 2 pm yesterday and he worked from home today.  We did go out in search of coffee first thing.  The only thing we found was Pastai on 9th Ave.  We enjoyed freshly brewed coffee and some chocolate chip pancakes to share.  The RoSK did a good job keeping baby warm!  And she slept the entire trip.

Winter = Ginger Molasses Cookie Baking

It’s cold out there!  This is the kind of weather that makes me want to bake, and bake I did.  Mark’s not the biggest fan of these, but ginger molasses is right up my alley.  I ate a few.  A few yesterday and a few today.  This is a snow picture from last week, and now it’s snowing again!  I’m certainly getting full use out of all of my winter gear.  Tons of hats, scarves and 2 pairs of boots….the Sorels and the North Face.


Snow. Time for my Sorel Boots.

It’s finally snowed in New York City!  Well, it’s snowed for the 1st time since that crazy October storm.  And it was time to break out the Sorel boots I bought for winter.  Because I love them.  I saw them in a store in New York and ordered them online.

New York can be so slushy and wet, and these are perfect.  They keep my feet totally dry, very warm, and looking cute with the fur.  When the weather is this wet I just don’t know how an Ugg keeps you dry in puddles of slush. Or at least your boots get nasty.

I’ll admit, I’m having an issue with the pants.  I need skinny jeans or really thick leggings to complete the look. But I’m not a skinny jeans kind of girl and haven’t found the heavy duty leggings I need.  But when it’s cold out and I’m all bundled up, it’s a time I just don’t care and become practical…and warm!

Find them here:   Sorel Women’s Joan Of Arctic Boot

Snow Snow Snow

It’s hard to miss the snow in New York, even my mom reports back to me what they are reporting on the Today show. She’s seen the plow hit the car more times than I have! Queens is still unplowed, Brooklyn looked pretty bad too. It’s the delivery guys and garbage men who really deserve props. We don’t ever order in, but even I wanted to tip the guy in the elevator Monday night for venturing out on his bike to deliver food! And those poor garbage men digging the trash out from UNDER the snow, off the top, and then digging a path to the curb.

Day 1: This is about 1 pm on Sunday. I took Amtrak back early (the only train still available was at 9:40 am) and we ventured out to see the snow. I am glad I came back when I did, my friend Katie spent 4 hours on Metro North on Monday. From South Norwalk, CT (a 50 minute train ride normally).

Day 2: And this is Monday morning. I was apparently the 1st person to venture out. And the area around Madison Square Garden was not looking much better. I think I was one of the few actually heading into work.

Day 4 (I missed Day 3): We ventured out for coffee and a pastry at Eataly.
Enough people walking creates a path. Look at those boots: amateur! And this is probably the state my car would be in if I brought it back to New York. Still snow covered. Of course, not sure the parking lady would want to dig the snow out to even get my plate number to ticket me! Luckily, the car is parked at home…where it can remain snow covered forever at this point (thank you Mom & Dad). As long as it’s not in New York! And it’s looking for a new owner as nice as the current one (just a small plug for my awesome 2005 beige Hyundai Elantra Hatchback).

Snow Hurricane?

More snow! This does not capture how wet, windy and miserable it is out there tonight. When the streets are covered in New York, you know it’s bad. We were troopers thought and made the trek to the gym. The snow boots saved us, the street corners had about 3 inches of slush and water in some places.

Stay warm and dry out there!
Friday morning update: The snow never stopped! The streets are fully covered, which I never expect to see in NYC. Have snow boots, will travel!

First Day of Winter!

With any luck, the snow will still be on the ground in Connecticut on Friday. A White Christmas is always nice (and it’s one of my favorite holiday movies, and it’s a great show to see on Broadway).
This is a snapshot of the snow from outside our apartment entrance. The picture was snapped on Sunday, but today is officially the first day of winter so I thought today was an appropriate day to break out the snow shot.
A look down the street on our way to get coffee:
And from the warm toasty apartment looking out (a better vantage point):

Holiday in The City

Continuing on the theme of holiday shots in New York City…

We ventured out in the snow today to our favorite little coffee place, Joe the Art of Coffee. Any excuse to use the North Face snow boots and snow pants, of course. On the way to pilates class after coffee, I snapped this shot of the Empire Dinner on 10th Ave & 21st Street. I love the retro facade and the holiday wreaths. Very holiday.

After long time ownership under it’s current (now previous), the establishment is under new ownership. The group behind The Coffee Shop in Union Square will reopen with a new menu sometime in 2010.