Burlington, Montreal, & New Paltz

We went on a little adventure this weekend north to Canada. It’s always nice to get away from New York City, and it’s always nice to come back home. We took the camera to get some practice in before October.

First stop Burlington, VT.   Burgers with local beef, pizza with fresh ingredients and of course, coffee in the morning.

Then on to Montreal.  Montreal is a small city, so very easy to cover some ground if you’ve got your walking shoes on.  Nice to see the French influence.  When they ask me for water in French, does that mean they think I’m French?  

We left early Monday to beat the traffic.  Just a quick stop in New Paltz where we made a pit stop and I had some apple cider doughnuts.  Why not?

Tourist Time: Mount Vernon

IMG_5041The family was down in DC for the weekend, so we toured Mount Vernon on Friday.  I had never been there before and thought we should see something historic on this trip.  It was a perfect day.  Not too hot and early enough that it wasn’t too crowded.  All of the kids were troupers!  To be honest, it did make me want to read a book on George Washington since it’s been too many years since that history lesson in school.  We saw the garden, the tomb, the main house…and views of the Potomac.  We did take the shuttle from the river to the exit, no one was up for walking (I did hear a few “my feet hurt”).  Highly recommend it if you are in town!