Wrapping Up NYC

Really, how can I fit all of my favorites in.  I can’t, so it means I’ll just have to come back.  Spent yesterday wandering Soho, checking out the $13,000 desk at BDDW.   The fact that the guy thought I might actually be interested in the desk made me laugh, but I was very serious when I was talking to him about it.  Lunch at Despana, coffee at Saturday, cheese at Bedford…it was all great.  Baby loved the veggies and Spanish anchovies, so we know she’s ours.

Down to 2 Weeks

Only 2 weeks left in New York City.  I still can’t believe we are moving.  Not trying to fit in everything under the sun before we leave. Just some favorites.

We did take a day to roam the city during the week last Thursday: Blue Bottle coffee, attempt at our own photo shoot in the Meatpacking, coffee and pastry from Maison Kayser, chicken parm for lunch, afternoon drinks at Jams…

DSC07094 DSC07028 DSC06992

Mom & Baby Day

I was lucky to have a mom & baby day this week.  They are a treat, and have one more left.  We had coffee with Dad in the morning, ate oatmeal, and attempted Mommy Baby yoga (had the time wrong), so abandoned that and got a sandwich and ate in Madison Square Park.  I’m not sure anyone realized what we were doing under the coat and cover.

There was a photoshoot with the sitting up card.  I’m a bit late with this one, and used the card on 2 different days to get the best shot if you happen to see the same card and 2 different outfits.

In the afternoon we made brownies and walked to the High Line where there was some napping.

Miansai: Bracelets & Tea

On the weekends we like to walk down Crosby to explore the stores.  Bonobos for pants, Aether for outwear (we like outerwear in this house) and BDDW (for the really expensive living edge tables I will never be able to afford).  Then we’ll stop for his and her beverages.  Mark goes to Saturdays for coffee in the surfing/lifestyle shop and I’ll go to Miansai where they have a tea bar upfront.  We end up sitting in Miansai because the bench is better.  And that lets me peruse the store, of course.  Who needs surfing stuff in NY anyway?


My girlfriends got me a Miansai bracelet for my birthday. They are nautical inspired with hooks and anchors, with leather, rope and metal options.  I’ve been eyeing a few more things in there.  And I get so many compliments on my bracelet!




World Trade Center Memorial

I wanted to see something “new” today, so we went downtown to check out Hudson Eats, the new food at Brookfield Place. I think this used to go by the name World Financial Center.  In addition to the restaurants, they are building out the high end retail so it should become a shopping and eating destination.  I’m pretty sure the French marketplace (along the lines of Eataly) is opening down here as well.  We had BBQ at Mighty Quinn’s, after deciding if we want to get Blackseed Bagels we would do that at the original in Nolita.

Then we were so close to the new Freedom Tower, we decided we had to walk across the street to the memorial with the fountains and pools.  It’s really worth the visit.  You forgot what a footprint the 2 buildings had.  In the picture showing the square, the tourists are around the edge at the top.  We walked around Wall Street, then headed home.  All a bit spontaneous, but it was good to see the city.

Picnic Time!

Picnic time again!  This is the 4th one, this year it was a carnival theme.  Mark enjoyed the wild boar sausage.  I enjoyed the pulled pork and the pigs roasting on the pit.  Oh, and 2 ice cream cones.  It was a beautiful night and we ended up staying later than we have in the past.  I can’t say I’ve ever tried a ride.  Those mobile rides always seem a little…unsafe.  So I watched.

On the way back, I tried to get a shot of the rainbow Empire State Building (as did lots of other people).  But the pictures don’t do it justice.  Happy Pride Day/Weekend in NYC!

Cocktails & Buvette

We love love love Buvette on Grove Street.  It’s french, small plates. It’s not fancy or pretentious, it’s meant to be shared, sopping up all the good juice with the bread.  We discovered Whispering Angel (rose) here and then ordered a case.  Have never been disappointed.  We started off with cocktails at Employees Only, where going at 7:45 means you are early enough not to have to have a reservation just to get a drink.  The bartender made me a special cocktail…well, two. The first was the “refreshing” one with cucumber, mint, grapefruit flavors and the 2nd strawberry inspired.  Then we wandered and ended up on Bleeker.  We looked down Grove and looked at each other…”let’s see how long the wait is”.  Not too long but long enough for Mark to pose on the bike out front.

IMG_4565 IMG_4563

NYSE Closing Bell!



It’s not that often I get an invite to an event at the NYSE and a chance to see the closing bell from the floor.  We were there for a presentation on ACE Portal, which was short and sweet to make sure we all got downstairs for the 4 pm bell.  There is not all that much shouting, with paper tickets being thrown around.  Not like in the old Wall Street movies from the 80s.  It’s very electronic, with lots of screens, some traders in blue jackets.  And a big CNBC area.   I did manage to see Sara Eisen (ex-Bloomberg reporter) reporting from the floor.  I wonder if I’d look like a better version of Jill or just a really made up Jill with all of that makeup and hair help.

Ess-A-Bagel Friday


I decided the team needed bagels yesterday.  Maybe it was because i wanted a bagel.  I got up early, found the Ess-A-Bagel on 3rd Ave near the office (after walking by it), and ventured in.  I knew this was going to be stressful.  It’s a NY institution and they are no business.  They already had bags of bagels ready to go to the offices in Midtown.  I was directed to the back int his narrow space and picked out my 18.   When I went to check out, the guy at the cash register didn’t believe I just had 18 in the bag.  The bag doesn’t fit 18.  Do I look like I’m trying to rip them off a bagel?  I probably didn’t even get my baker’s dozen.

I even brought a bread knife and 2 real knives for the cream cheese so I didn’t have to watch people hack the bagels with the plastic knives.  Oh, and the bagels were delicious.  They were warm, and crusty on the outside.  And chewy on the inside.  The cream cheese got all soft.  Oh my god, it made my morning.

Post 400?!?! Winter Flowers.

I’ve been bad.  It’s been 2 weeks since I posted.   I’d like to blame the cold, the snow, and the snow again.  I thought I could start posting spring pics, but alas, we should be getting more snow tomorrow.  So I’m posting a picture from the MOMA, with the only flower I’ve seen in months…. IMG_3819IMG_3818