Giving it a Try: Sir Kensingtons Ketchup

I love ketchup.  Well, at least as an adult.  I didn’t really like it as a kid.  But then, like all things, it goes “specialty”.  We started seeing this around last year, then tried it at Eataly.  Then saw it at Cost Plus World Market.  So, it’s getting around. It’s like a spicy ketchup, not sweet at all.

It was in a give away bag from the Shop for Success event last fall.  One of the YES! members knows the owner and got the donation for the bag.  From very small business to a more national reach now.  I applaud them.

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Giving it a Try: Granola Lab

Picked this up at Smorgasburg.   The owner of Granola Lab had a table out with samples of all of her granola.  I’m game for a sample.  Made in Brooklyn and shooting for the right combination of sweet and savory, this granola is good.  As she said at the table, she doesn’t skimp on the good stuff.

I had the Activation Energy with coffee, chocolate and hazelnuts.  But she also makes Tamarind Fusion (tamarind:  a new taste I recently discovered), Get Gingersnapping, and Cranberry-Cashew Compound.  It was great over my greek yogurt, especially because, as I mention above, she doesn’t skimp on the good stuff.  At $10 a package, it’s not cheap.  But it’s worth it because I looked forward to breakfast for  week. Of course, I always look forward to breakfast, but this made for an exceptional start to my morning.

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Giving it a Try: Finnish Ruis Bread

I’ve never bought any of the food products at the Union Square Greenmarket.  Always a time for the first time.  I gave in to the Finnish Ruis bread.  It’s 100% whole grain rye, and in the shape of the Thomas’ flat breads. But these are much tastier.  I bought the 4 pack and had one toasted for breakfast last weekend.  With some Earth Balance.  Hearty, nice rye taste (I’m a fan of rye and pumperknickel, and most dark breads), with a slight sourdough tang.

I brought the rest to work and at with a schmear of cream cheese all week.

I can see this as a substitute for the bread on my sandwich (5 grams of fiber, 4 grams of protein and 160 calories a round).

The rounds are made by Nordic Breads, right here in Long Island City.  And you can find them at the New Amsterdam market, too!

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