Levain Bakery & Pink Pants

Cookies and pink pants?  They have nothing to do with one another.  I just wanted to document my bright pants!  Bought these last weekend at my sister’s and have worn them twice already.  I’m not usually looking so put together on a weekend, but was coming from my Institute for Integrative Nutrition conference at the Time Warner Center. Had a great afternoon of seeing Dr. Andrew Weil and Alicia Silverstone.  The latter didn’t convince me to become vegan, but Dr. Weil was great.


So after Mark picked me up post conference, we walked north for a stop at Levain Bakery.   It was 5 and I was hungry.  So we ate dessert first.  Sometimes I feel a bit guilty, but…I had biked 50 miles yesterday morning and figured what the hell.  Followed that up with fries with dinner.


I’ve always wanted to try a Levain cookie.  When you walk down the steps into the little kitchen, you can SMELL the baking and the chocolate.  And we went for a big fat cookie.  Right out of the oven.  Ooey and gooey.  Chocolate with chocolate chips.  More like a lava cake, or warm brownie.


jack (jill) of all trades, master of none?

I’ve finally decided to give this a try, so let’s be done with this first post! I sometimes wonder if I have alot of interests, but am not an expert in anything! So this is a little about me, what I’m doing, what I like:

1. All things baking. I love brownies, I love cookies, I love cake. I love to bake them all. I don’t have a family of 10 to share all these treats with. Good thing we walk alot in New York. Alas, I’m not a top chef like my friend Emmie. If it requires more than 5 ingredients it’s not going to be made in my apartment.
2. Gadgets. I’m a gadget girl now, care of MB. TechCrunch, VentureBeat, ValleyWag, Gizmodo. I like to read them all. The most I’ve managed is an iphone, a completely wireless computer setup (wireless internet, keyboard, mouse). I couldn’t survive without my Google Reader for RSS feeds. I get my media online now, streaming HD. I really can’t afford to be an early adopter, though.
3. Triathlons. I gear up for one a year, and wish I did more. This is a recent interest, within the last 3 years. I do my best, enjoy the training, achieving the goal.