Guests in The Bay

Had a great time with the White family who came to stay with use for a few days last week.  I’ve known Briana for…20 years??  Loved the 2 days off as well, was as being a total tourist in my own town.  We were busy, saw SF, Sonoma and Marin!  We decided we need to be like the Whites and get in the car and do drives to national parks.  Rodney documents their trips on Whynotjustgo.  Give us a few years, first.

Thursday:  San Francisco
We ventured into SF for our big Alcatraz tour, then ended up with lots of stops along the way.  Philz Coffee in the morning, lunch with Briana’s cousin, Ghiradelli square for ice cream, Lombard Street and the Painted Ladies.

Alcatraz was great and I was pleasantly surprised by the audio tour.  Highly recommend that.

Friday: Benzinger Vineyard in Sonoma
This was a find.  It’s a biodynamic vineyard, was really quite, had a great little tour on a tractor and beautiful views.

We all went out for dinner to Gott’s and then frozen yogurt.  There were actually 2 stops for ice cream because 2 of the girls wanted the place with the candy and gummy worm toppings.

Saturday:   Marin and Sausalito

This was the day we all ventured out.  After a stop at Philz for coffee and pastries to bring back home.  Mandatory stop at In n Out (this was the 3rd burger for someone on the trip – and no, not me!), then to Sausalito for ice cream, and a stop in the Marin Headlands were we parted ways.  Lesson learned, when S wants the sprinkle cone, she is really not going to want to share yours.



SF: Museum of Ice Cream

IMG_6944What a treat!  Had a last minute opportunity to join a special tour of the Museum of Ice Cream on Friday, care of work.  It’s very pink!  More than few treats to sample:  peach bellini ice cream, soft serve, mochi, cotton candy…and one final scoop of pinata flavored.  I think the sprinkle pool was the best part.  It’s hard not to get in there (the sprinkles are plastic).

Who Loves Ice Cream?

Catching up with a report out of our Friday night slice of pizza, scoop of ice cream and stroll.  Living large out here on the west coast!  It was actually great.  The weather was really warm and it was the start of the weekend.  We shared a scoop of Lottie’s Salted Caramel and their homemade waffle cone.  S loves the idea ice cream, but not the actual product. That’s fine with me.

It’s-It. I love Factory Stores

We had to stop.  We were driving by.  I’ve bought these ice cream sandwiches at Safeway, but the Factory Store had more flavors.  Yes, it’s just an ice cream sandwich, but there is just something about it.

We learned that there are no seasonal flavors, the pumpkin is available all year long and they can make 100,000 a day.  There are no factory tours, but you can buy them for $1.50 a piece.  We shared 2 different ones – traditional and a cappuccino.  The one thing about that traditional one is that the cookie was actually crispy.

Quick Stop: Diddy Riese

I was in LA for work, and on the walk to the hotel from Whole Foods I found Diddy Riese.  I haven’t been here since about 2009, but remember the cookies being good and cheap. I got an ice cream sandwich (in a cup) for $2.  I didn’t have to feel too guilty if I only hate half.   Warm cookies and ice cream?  What’s not to like.

Scoop of Ample Hills? Yes, Please.

What a nice surprise to find scooped ice cream at 2 pm.  I strategically planned my catch up on the pantry level floor where the action was.  I was 3rd in line for the Chocolate Milk and Cookies.  Ample Hills is a Brooklyn based ice cream maker.  Of course it’s small batches, what else would it be these days?

Working My Way Through Ice Cream…

This doesn’t even really cover what I’ve had this summer.  I didn’t get a picture of Oddfellows in Brooklyn, or the Sprinkles Ice Cream & Cupcake concoction I tried last Thursday.  The concretes at Shake Shack are hard to beat as well.

But I’ve managed to sample a few other pints in the last week.  We are also a fan of Steve’s.  Three Twins not so much.  I never have a problem with Ben & Jerry’s.    Expect more ice cream to be consumed this summer.