Thanks for Family

Thanksgiving in Ellington with the family.  Good food, good times, and a cute Ben!  Oh, and the annual trip to Cabella’s where I walk around in awe of all the camo.  There is a huge market for this stuff, and I’m clearly not in that market.

Lebkuchen Cookies from Leckerlee.

These cookies from Leckerlee are in my wheelhouse.  Lots of spices, nuts….it’s everything I dream about in winter.  Mark brought me home a chocolate covered one and I ate it for breakfast last Thursday.

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On Saturday we walked to the Lower East Sid to visit the Melt Bakery Shop and Sandy was there baking them.  The store smelled WONDERFUL.  They had samples out and plenty of tins for purchase.  I’ve eaten, I’ve sampled, I may need my own tin.  Lebkuchen are a traditional German cookie and Sandy puts her own spin on it.  Check out her site here.  She bakes them in the Nuremberg style, which is apparently very difficult to make.  They come with chocolate or plain.

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Stop on by Melt to check them out!

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New York in December

I love this time of year in New York.  Absolutely love it.  The festive lights, the decorated windows, the trees everywhere.  So what better time for visit from Mom & Dad.  We covered it all.

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Rockefeller Center and the Tree, up Fifth Avenue to the Plaza Hotel.  We headed down to the Food Hall for lunch.  It was tough to snag a table, but Mark and I tag teamed it.

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Then downtown to a stop at my apartment.  Off to the High Line next, all the way down to the Meatpacking and Chelsea Market.  A cool beverage and a gelato later and we headed back up to St Patrick’s Cathedral.  While waiting for the ride back to Connecticut, we had to stop at one of the corner carts for a hot dog and pretzel.  My parents were troopers, because I was beat after a day of touring the city.

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Thanksgiving. Thankful.

I love the holidays.  I’d been looking forward to seeing my family for several weeks leading up to Thanksgiving.  Down time, food, family.   It wouldn’t be the same without Mom & Dad in the kitchen.  Dad handles the turkey and stuffing.  Mom the side dishes.

Wouldn’t the same without green bean casserole!

And the turkey-with-fixings sandwich Thanksgiving night.

Thanksgiving Pizza, Cer Te Style

We are moving into the holidays I love:  Thanksgiving and Christmas.  One reason is the food.  I am dreaming of turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie (are you ready for us, Mom?).  To mentally and physically prepare, I got a slice of the Thanksgiving Pizza from Cer Te, near the office.  I tried it last year and was won over.

It’s got everything, turkey sausage, butternut squash fondue, gravy and mashed potatoes.  I know you think it sounds gross, but it’s just like a sandwich, just on a slice of pizza dough.  No, there isn’t any red sauce.

Also posted by Midtown Lunch this past week.

Happy 4th!

May there be some hotdogs, hamburgers and cold brews for you today!  Cheers to a mid week day off!  S’mores bars have been made, vegetables bought at the greenmarket and Blue Bottle coffee consumed.  Off to a BBQ in Hoboken in a bit!

Cake. Yellow for Easter.

My mom and I talked last Wednesday prior to my trip home for Easter.  She asked what I wanted for dessert.  I thought about it and decided:  something yellow.

So my mom made a delicious yellow pound cake.  Once piece with ice cream, one post dinner on Easter, and another slice back in New York.

Passover – Matzoh!

Passover starts Friday night.  Last weekend, we popped into Zabar’s, and while I was there I picked up a box of Streit’s Matzoh.  Mark’s favorite, and made on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

So a little Matzoh and a little bit of whitefish pate for breakfast.  Perfect way to start head into a very religious weekend and partake in some chocolate bunnies, ham and yellow cake on Sunday.

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Happy Purim: Hamantaschen

I learn a lot at work.  Like today, we’re celebrating Purim!  It’s a Jewish holiday commemorating the deliverance of the Jewish people in the Persian Empire from destruction.  By the way, thanks wiki!

Anita made us Hamantaschen (Haman’s pockets) to celebrate.  And I had to take one for myself and one to bring home for M.   It’s a sweet cookie rolled out and filled with jam/fruit, then rolled up so a triangle remains in the middle.

Brought them home, and all gone!




Happy Heart Day!

What more could a girl want?  Well, this girl, anyways…pizza and chocolate.  I’ll admit. I totally gave in to the heart shaped box at Duane Reade.  Reminded me of when I was a little girl.  It’s kind of fun to eat your way through a box, or at least share that activity with someone. Happy Heart Day!