Our Little Whirlwind

Every year I really plan on getting someone to take professional pictures.  And every year we end up just taking some shots on some weekend in December when I NEED to get those cards in the mail.  It’s even harder now that S is on the move.  Half the shots are blurry, or she’s running away, or I get the side of her face.  Here’s to another year of someone keeping us on our toes.

At least she’s smiling in 2016, not sure she had as much fun with the photo shoot in 2014:

Happy Hanukkah!

Hanukkah Baby

I said I’d post some of the outtakes from our photo shoot.  Below are the pictures as Mark is realizing that we’ve got some activity going on down there.  Now I know why we couldn’t get this baby to smile for the 100 pictures before these.

She does look very focused and uncomfortable…DSC01753 DSC01755 DSC01754And one more.  I can’t remember if there was more activity here, but clearly she has a look of fright on her face!  Thanks for being a good sport, baby!


Santa Mail

I was afraid to go, to be honest.  Macy’s on December 22nd?  But it had to be done.   We had a 9:30 arrival and it was already packed.  I couldn’t help but stop by the Santa Mail display on the ground floor.  Lots of little kids busy writing letters to Santa. He was up on the 8th floor and we didn’t even go close.  Next year!IMG_6171

Happy Hanukkah!

Happy Hanukkah!  I wish we had some latkes and kugel for dinner…but we didn’t. A sneak preview of pictures we took for a holiday card.  More of the outtakes are to come in a separate post.  Let’s just say….there were 4 or 5 diaper changes during this process (all contained!).

Bryant Park, the Holiday Version

At about 3 pm on Friday I decided the girls needed to get out.  So we ventured up to Bryant Park with the Ergo to check out the holiday festivities.  A stop at the Blue Bottle, a stroll through the holiday shops and some views of the ice skaters made for a nice Friday afternoon.  What’s next on the list of holiday sights to go see?

You Know It’s Christmas When…

When the same Christmas tree truck is parked on 9th Ave.  The family comes all the way from the Pacific Northwest and sets up here for the month, and they’ve been coming since we’ve lived here…

IMG_6002 When they hang the thousands of strands of lights in Chelsea Market.  So many you can feel the heat radiating off them…


When there are Christmas tree displays throughout the city…

IMG_5980And when babies get bundled up for the cold weather…Ok, this is me just including this picture because she’s cute.



Our first big trip out of the city…Mom and baby traveled by train to Connecticut last Monday.  Success!  We had a very good trip and I realized I need to take advantage of anyone willing to help.  So even Ms. “I can just do it myself” gave in and had the conductor pull her bag down and put it on the platform when we arrived.  And of course, my Dad was there to do the pickup from the train station.  It was a full house with my sister, her family and her father-in-law.

My poor mom washed more dishes and picked up more glasses than anyone should have to.  And she made 3 different kinds of pumpkin breads to make everyone happy:

  1. Pumpkin with raisins and nuts:  For Jill
  2. Pumpkin with just nuts:  For Amy
  3. Pumpkin with a ridiculous amount of chocolate chips (no nuts or raisins):  For Mark

And we dug out the Strawberry Shortcake dolls.  They still smell!