New! Think Coffee

A Think Coffee opened up on our street, at the entrance of the High Line.  Of course we had to give it a try. It was fine, not my favorite.  But nice to hang out.  I still can’t believe what the north end of the HL looks like these days.  The Hudson Yards project must be over 40 stories at this point, with more of the smaller buildings going up around it now.  Crazy.

La Newyorkina Paletas: Mango Chile

We took a late walk on the High Line to hit the water feature toward the southern end.  I like to let the babe crawl around in the water that runs over the stones.  I like to think they clean it as it cycles through but since I have someone who likes to put her hands all over the subway I’ve given up caring.  On the way decided I’d get a paleta.   It was that kind of night.  The photographer did an awful job capturing me, but I’ll forgive him.  Last time I stopped for one was a long time ago…check it out here.

We Attempted the new Whitney Museum


My last official Mommy Baby day was yesterday.   What a nice day for it.  Cool and sunny, it was a perfect day.  After lunch with Dad, I figured we’d head down the High Line and hit the Whitney.  Oh, what an amateur I am.  I should have figured the new museum which just opened would be a popular place.  I needed to get tickets the day before for a specific time.  Oh well, we’ll try again.  So instead I got a water and sat in the chairs right outside the museum.  We had fun doing selfies.  Yup, no socks on the baby.

Back up the High Line with a stop for my favorite New Orleans Iced Coffee at Blue Bottle.  Baby was asleep by this point.  Rough day.

High Line: The New Part

This trip is from about 2 weeks ago.  I ventured out with baby to the new part of the High Line, which runs from 30th St and 11th Ave, over to the West Side Highway and up to 34th Street.  It goes over all the NJ Transit and Amtrak trains coming from NJ.  You can also see the new Hudson Yards project (the orange building below).  Should be interesting when this is all finished.  It’s a bit more unfinished in this part, so nice to see how it all looked before the Friends of the High Line came in.


A Fruit Buckle Kind of Morning

I was flying solo this morning, but kept to our Saturday routine:  short workout at the gym and Blue Bottle Coffee.   It’s too nice to give up.   But today, I went with the Seasonal Fruit Buckle.   Not that I don’t love the Mast Brothers Chocolate Cookie.  The crumble topping was awesome.  That means there was lots of crumble and it was sweet.  I think it was carrot raisin?  I don’t know, but I loved it.  Played tourist and had someone take a pic on the High Line on my walk home.

The Changing High Line

The High Line has certainly changed since the first section opened in 2009.  Expansive views east to the city and west across the Hudson into New Jersey.  How things have changed.   This is a new area for development with lots of apartment buildings going up.  I have mixed feelings about it all.  I love my neighborhood and love the change (new coffee shops, restaurants, galleries) but then miss the grittiness of the far west side.  Ok, so I never saw the real gritty since we moved here in 2008 and it was quite a bit different 25 years ago.  So I’ll capture the change in pictures.  And when the J Crew opens up in the brand new mixed retail/residential/theater/park area opens…I probably will be shopping there.


And a few months ago when these buildings were going up.

Sheep In the City: Getty Station




No food tonight.  Just art.  There was a gas station on 10th Ave that we pass on our walk home from the gym.  In September, it turned into a sheep meadow.  There are 25 of the stone “Moutons”, creating the largest public showing outdoors of the work of Francois-Xavier Lalanne.  This is the future site of luxury residences next to the High Line.  The developer, SHVO, has a thing for art.   Lots of activity right near the High Line these days.  You can see the other new luxury apartments going up in the background in the picture below.

Check out another article with better pictures on it here in W magazine, or over here on Blackbook.

Spring on the High Line


It’s days like this when the it’s sunny, but cool, warm in the sun and not hot…that I know why people live in Southern California.  The High Line is so quiet at 8 am, and we love the stroll to Blue Bottle for coffee…