It must be berry season because the cherries and strawberries are out.  S likes a good strawberry, dripping juice and all.

I never buy the cherries, I just sample them.  What I want is for someone to make me a homemade cherry pie.  Maybe I should just buy one!

I Eat Fruit Too!

You might think I just eat doughnuts, danishes and other sweet treats.  But we consume more than a few fruits and vegetables during the summer.  The Union Square Green Market provides us a week’s worth of salads. And now the PA growers have their cantaloupes in…yum!IMG_4999 IMG_4998

Berkley for the Afternoon

Last Thursday, we ventured into Berkley for a bit before meeting up with friends at their house for dinner. On a side note, we had Zachary’s pizza, which is deep dish with really fresh ingredients…and I love it.  But that afternoon we stopped by the North Berkley Farmer’s Market, which we discovered last year.  The fruit is to die for.  Started with an apricot, then a white nectarine and finished with a pint of strawberries.  Then a stop at a wine store (the converted pumping plant, below) for a rose.

The flowers are from J & M’s backyard.

I also discovered a new iced tea that is sweet without any added sugar:  Good Earth Sweet & Spicy.  Funny, but it was the same tea I had every morning at M’s parents house.  Made myself some this past weekend.

California. Oh, the fruit!

IMG_5505One thing I LOVE about California is the fruit.  The strawberries are so much better than out here.  Probably because they were picked that day instead of being shipped 3,000 miles.  I had my first Brown Turkey Fig.  It was the size of an apple., I loved it.  And I had cherries, and strawberries (lots) and a snow angel peach.   And we picked this up in Napa, Walnut Creek, Berkeley farmer’s market…and with friends.

IMG_1318 IMG_1388 IMG_1382 IMG_1379

Vegetables This Week: Jersey Tomatoes

I think I’ve posted a picture from the Union Square Greenmarket for 3 weeks in a row now.  Well, we were back this weekend.  

We love Stokes for our tomatoes.  There is a list to tell you how to tell if it’s ripe (don’t squeeze!).  Look at the color on the top and bottom, they should pretty much match.  The Stokes Grower (yes, it’s a Grower versus a Farmer) helped pick one that was good for a salad Saturday night.

And when did squash and zucchini start to come in round shapes?  I was intrigued so had to get a few.   

Summer in Full Swing

Sour Cherries at the Greenmarket in Union Square.  

Does’t this just look like summer.  Granted, I’m not sure what you make with sour cherries.  I like my cherries in pie.  Gearing up for a long weekend, with some city exploration, some tasty eats, and a bounty of fresh vegetables from our Greenmarket trip today.  We’ve got fresh garlic and dill for the buttermilk dressing.  Tomatoes (ones with taste!), carrots, radishes and fresh lettuce for the salad.  And with some Whispering Angel, we’re set!