Katie & Ken, Washington DC

Last weekend we attended Katie & Ken’s wedding in Washington DC.  God, I’ve known Katie for nearly 20 years now!  Very happy for the married couple and it was great to see the Lopez family and people I haven’t seen in years (Meg!).  The reception was at Fort McNair which provided a great night time view of the Washington Monument.

Filipino Deliciousness in DC

I was in DC this past weekend for Katie’s wedding.  It was a lovely, not totally humid, DC weekend.  And I spent some time with the Bracken family.  This time that met a feast of Filipino pancit and lumpia.   Lumpia are like egg/spring rolls.  And these were freshly fried for us (thank you Haydee!).  And she made us the pancit noodle dish.  I remember this from Anna’s birthday at UVA.  Noodles for your birthday mean longevity (I think).

Needless to say, we ate the entire plate of lumpia and made quite a dent in the pancit.  And washed it down with just 4 bottles of wine (hey, there were 6 of us).

Summer Picnic: Randall’s Island

It was our annual company picnic on Randall’s Island yesterday.  The weather couldn’t be more perfect for a day outside.  Cool and blue skies.  The picnic is on Randall’s Island, a short 25 minute ferry ride to an island off the north east side of Manhattan.

I spent some time by the chairs along the “boardwalk” and watched the rides, and people walk by.  There must have been over 5,000 people there over the course of the day.  Plenty of beer flowing, with lots of good things to eat.  Loved the brisket, elote corn and kale salad.

We couldn’t snag a hammock, and it seemed rude to tell someone they had spent enough time on it!  You’ve got to love that all containers were compostable, and only NYC’s finest was served for water.  No bottled water here.  And no beverages over 16 ounces!



The Bay Area

Enjoying some time off this week. To say we are taking it easy is an understatement. We met up with one of Mark’s Bschool friends for a drink in the Marina area. We had some time before and after so did some exploring.

I found a cute little stationary store tucked in a little back alley. I had to buy some monogrammed stationary.

Then on to dinner with a great Lebanese wine. We had it a few years ago with Jared and Mari.

And I love a good picture of a steep street.





Superbowl Sunday

Superbowl Sunday!  Which for me means good food with friends.  We traveled up to Ridgefield, CT to spend the evening with the Miles family.  After talking about authentic Mexican food in New York the week before, M said she would make us Chile Rellenos.  M and I were game.  I watched the entire process, through the batter and frying…to a finished plate with rice.  They were a good spicy, and I devoured both.

I brought the Smore’s bars for dessert (thanks, Amy, they are always a hit!).  But what would a game day feast be with out guacamole, so won’t forget that.  We were visiting real cooks because we had homemade truffled potato chips.  I’m not kidding, J sliced the potatoes and fried them!

Saturday Afternoon at Artichoke

The Miles Family was in the city for the afternoon, so we met them at FAO Schwartz (securing 2 activity books and one baby doll) and then headed back towards Chelsea.  We walked the High Line for a bit, but needed a resting place for some tired feet.

We secured a nice little corner area at Artichoke Pizza where we had beer and some pizza, and watched the girls create their Project Runway designs.  I love that we could park the stroller and sleeping D right at the table, right with the neighborhood locals, so we didn’t feel banished to the back.  Always so nice to hang out with the girls, and Dad J (he’s certainly overrun with women!).

Dinner with Friends

Six adults.  Five bottles of wine.  Homemade risotto and stuffed chicken breasts.  And friends.  It’s been a year since my trip to DC when I visited the B’s at their new house.  This time we gathered at the W’s.  The kids played wii, with only one breakdown that I can remember.

I stirred and stirred the risotto.  And someone brought cupcakes for a birthday.  I love those little cupcake carriers!

MLK Weekend Continued: Chocolate Chip Scones

Continuing on with my weekend festivities….On Saturday, B made us homemade chocolate chip scones.  The recipe comes from Kate, who is living in England now and was also one of B’s bridesmaids.  She has her own blog, Across the Pond with the Loeckens, and I’m insanely jealous when I read about their travels!

I watched very carefully and it really did look easy.  I was impressed it wasn’t even coming out of a mix.

B just cut off little triangles until all the dough was gone!  Right out of the oven and warm.  With coffee and friends at the kitchen table.  Great start to the day!

Pink. Pink. Pink.

I was a lucky girl this weekend, getting to spend time with my UVA roommates and the Darden Girls.  On Saturday, it was time to gather for all things pink and cute at LC’s house in Alexandria.  We decorated bibs for the baby…

Of course, opened lots of cute little things, too.  It’s always an opportunity for me to learn what is necessary for the little ones these days (swaddling blankets, these little boxed socks, bottle warmer and baby food maker).

A candy bar based game (a huge crowd pleaser) and some delicious items to eat.  Oh, my friends that know food always do such a nice job!  I really liked this salad so will need the recipe.  Care of SG!

Morning: Breakfast, Coffee, Friends

One of the things I enjoyed this weekend was getting up at LC’s house (after sleeping well in her guest bedroom), coming downstairs, and having coffee and breakfast at her kitchen table.  The coffee was already brewing.   There are windows in the corner of her breakfast “nook”, so when you open them all up, the breeze blows in.  It was just so relaxing.

Saturday we had a little McD’s, Sunday we went the sweet route.  Mr. C brought us back treats, what a nice guy!   Ahhh, good friends make a good weekend.