SF Day: Gott’s

We were in SF in time for lunch the other weekend so did Gott’s at the Ferry Building. I work almost next to the Ferry Building and have never been.  The lines are too long.  But we held out so we could do a burger, hot dog and BLT for me.  A little walk along the water and a run in the grass.  Happy day for all.



Our food adventures are less adventurous these days.  So a bag of churro smarshmallows is pretty exciting.  We took a walk to the Starbucks and picked up a bag at a new market on the same block.  I have my doubts whether it will survive, but at least we caught it before it closes!

And it was warm enough for iced coffee.

I’m not sure she was a huge fan of the marshmallows, though she did love the bottle of water with the straw.  It can be easy to please a 2 year old.

Hot Diggity….Shack Dog

Every summer a few of us at work go try New York’s finest hot dogs.  We’ve been to 2 different Papaya Dogs, had a few from the street, and were on a mission to try something new.  Off to Shake Shack.  I know, I know, you get the burgers there. And a few people got one of each.  My fries were to share, I swear!

It was the Shack-cago Dog for me: Rick’s Picks relish, onion, cucumber, pickle, tomato, hot pepper, celery salt and mustard.  The dogs are split and hit the griddle for nice crispness.

More Noodles! Xi’ian Famous Foods

What is it with the noodles this week?  The team went to Xi’an Famous Foods for lunch, and we basically overwhelmed the place.  It’s tiny. You order, then line up along the narrow hallway to pick up your order.  The website has a warning box that pops up.  The full text is below, and I had to include because it shows how seriously they take their noodles.  Everyone got a lamb burger (is that cumin in there?) and a noodle dish.  I went with the cold buckwheat.  I ate it all.  Enough said.

Food tastes best when fresh from the kitchen. When hot noodles cool down, they get bloated, mushy, and oily. If you must take your noodles to go, please at least try the noodles in the store or right out of the to-go containers when it’s handed to you, so you can get the best possible Xi’an Famous Foods experience.

Noodles! Chelsea Thai

When debating our Sunday lunch options, Mark said he wanted noodles.  Sometimes you just want noodles.  So off we went to Chelsea Thai in the Chelsea Market.   It’s been years since I’ve been here, and a loooong time since I’ve ordered pad thai. For some reason I have ordered Pad Gra Pow every time we’ve done Thai…this is for years.  Also known as Thai Basil Chicken.  Baby can’t quite enjoy yet, but that doesn’t stop me from tempting her.

Ok, so I also asked how she felt about the Apple watch after lunch. She’s into it, if she can have one too.  At least this is what she told me.  Figured I may as well try on both bands.  Looks like she might be feeling the black one a little more.

It could be helpful in my step and floor counting I use on the iphone.  Yup, there was a point where I biked 50 miles.  Now I walk from the 13th to the 20th floor and let Apple log that for me.

Fall Weekend: Gansevoort Market

What a beautiful weekend we had!  Of course this meant we had to venture out.  I read about the new Gansevoort Market in the Meatpacking area.  It’s like other New York “food courts” with local food purveyors (some from Smorgasburg in Brooklyn).  Little kiosks with tacos, desserts, coffee…this one has a nice seating area with skylights.  We just popped in, didn’t try anything since we just at at the new Boom Sushi on the way.  Check out this recent article from Forbes.

And it’s fall so this meant the seasonal doughnut at Doughnut Plant.  I love the toasted pumpkin seeds, and they DO use real pumpkin.  Compared to the Starbucks PSL.


The White Moustache Greek Yogurt


We’ve seen this at Whole Foods and lots of other small grocery/food purveyors around the city.  The container draws me in.  And the price.  What does $5.50 greek yogurt taste like?  Does it taste like magic?  I mean, it is small batch AND old world  AND it’s local.  So we finally gave in on Sunday when we stopped into Murray’s on Bleeker Street.  I’m not going to lie, it was good and the sour cherry fruit part tasted like real sour cherries.  But am I going to buy this regularly?  Probably not.

Joe’s Shanghai. Because It’s Friday.

J and I have been talking about the dumplings and buns at Joe’s Shanghai.  So we finally went today (my canceled Friday weekly meeting helped make this happen).  I said I could eat 12 before we left.  And I probably could have, though I’d be feeling the effects after.  It certainly wouldn’t have left any room for the pork and shrimp dishes that came afterwards!