Connecticut for Memorial Day

We spent the long weekend at my parents in Connecticut.  Baby was still getting over her cold/congestion and Mark caught what Stella was passing out.   I got back to New York with my own crusty eye.   Other than that, it was good to see the family.  My mom does use this as a chance to make desserts, including the chocolate cake I remember as a kid (the frosting is like chocolate chips).  And we cut it right out of the middle of the pan.  Some parade, trip to Target, home cooked meals…


Our first big trip out of the city…Mom and baby traveled by train to Connecticut last Monday.  Success!  We had a very good trip and I realized I need to take advantage of anyone willing to help.  So even Ms. “I can just do it myself” gave in and had the conductor pull her bag down and put it on the platform when we arrived.  And of course, my Dad was there to do the pickup from the train station.  It was a full house with my sister, her family and her father-in-law.

My poor mom washed more dishes and picked up more glasses than anyone should have to.  And she made 3 different kinds of pumpkin breads to make everyone happy:

  1. Pumpkin with raisins and nuts:  For Jill
  2. Pumpkin with just nuts:  For Amy
  3. Pumpkin with a ridiculous amount of chocolate chips (no nuts or raisins):  For Mark

And we dug out the Strawberry Shortcake dolls.  They still smell!

Lots of Visitors!

We’ve had a lot of visitors…after Amy came, Mark’s parents spent the week.  It was so convenient, they stayed in the apartment right across the hall.  Some pics from the week.  I managed coffee in the mornings and was sent out for a pedicure, too.  Lots of quality family time, just hanging out with the baby. We kept it casual as you’ll notice by the burgers for dinner.

Yesterday, we had 2 sets of friends come by to meet the baby.  This made for a very busy day for mommy, especially since I also spent the morning at a CPR/Child Safety class.  But I learned quite a bit and will be reassessing some things!

And now it’s the start of the holiday season!

Couples BBQ Baby Shower Fun

Last Saturday was friends, family and fun at what I would call a BBQ celebrating the upcoming birth of Baby Brooks.  Friends, family and kids.  Had my Darden Girls, my UVA ladies, the Lopez Family, and friends of friends.  There may have been the red velvet cake Mark requested and some spiked watermelon lemonade for the adults.  And just 1 Kim Kardashian over the shoulder pose.

Home to Ellington

Last weekend was a trip to Ellington to see my parents and sister.  Just the 4 of us (oh wait, Ben makes 5!).  We had quality Target time, fit in an ice cream cone, birthday cake for Amy.  And my mom made me bran muffins.  Lots of quality Ben time.   My sister made me pose a bit.  And I got to catch up with the Littizzio’s and Currier’s across the street.  All in all, a delightful weekend.

Thanks for Family

Thanksgiving in Ellington with the family.  Good food, good times, and a cute Ben!  Oh, and the annual trip to Cabella’s where I walk around in awe of all the camo.  There is a huge market for this stuff, and I’m clearly not in that market.

Family Time in Ellington, CT

Last weekend the  family all gathered in Ellington.  It has been since Christmas the Lewandoskys and Middletons were together, far too long.  It was Ben time!  My dad was a natural.  Luckily, we were all on our A game because Shawn and Amy ran off to the movies when they realized there were 5 people to watch the baby.  Then Ben came with us on a later trip to Target and DSW.

And it being summer, we had to grill of course.  Nothing like a little Rose out on the deck while the cooking happened.  With a side of mom’s West Virginia Baked Beans.

And before I knew it, we were off and back to New York.  Just one (ok, two) donuts before we headed back on the train.


Ben in New Hampshire


And today I get to share Ben!  Ben was a trooper.  Ben went to get falafal with Mommy and Jill. Then Ben went to Target.  Then Ben went to the J Crew Factory Store and Banana Republic.   I may have spent a little too long at J Crew because Amy had to go feed and change him elsewhere.


Amy is a natural, I made her pose for a few pictures.


We tried to get Ben to pose, too, but those didn’t turn out as well.  It was better to catch him sleeping.



My Sister the Mommy

A quick teaser of my trip to New Hampshire to visit my sister this weekend.  She’s a full fledged mommy now!  And I’ll admit, she’s a natural.  She’s the same Amy, just cuter (because Ben ups the cuteness factor).


Yes, there is a lot of STUFF.  But the grass keeps it organized.  We debated the flower to add to the “garden” but decided it wasn’t necessary.


And laundry.  Lots of the little guys things.  I will be honest, I didn’t want to leave Sunday night.  There may have been a few good bye tears.  More pics tomorrow!

Brrr….It’s Cold. Mom’s Pot Roast Time!


When it’s cold there is nothing like comfort food.  One of our go to one pot meals is Mom’s Pot Roast (Mark’s mom).   Super easy and always delicious.  The secret?  A bottle of Catalina dressing.  Yes, this is likely a product of the 1950s.  Just like my mom’s Jello Poke Cake and Green Bean Casserole.


This weather makes me want warm cozy food.  I’ve got some steel cut pumpkin oatmeal baking in the oven for breakfast tomorrow…