Couples BBQ Baby Shower Fun

Last Saturday was friends, family and fun at what I would call a BBQ celebrating the upcoming birth of Baby Brooks.  Friends, family and kids.  Had my Darden Girls, my UVA ladies, the Lopez Family, and friends of friends.  There may have been the red velvet cake Mark requested and some spiked watermelon lemonade for the adults.  And just 1 Kim Kardashian over the shoulder pose.

Picnic Time!

Picnic time again!  This is the 4th one, this year it was a carnival theme.  Mark enjoyed the wild boar sausage.  I enjoyed the pulled pork and the pigs roasting on the pit.  Oh, and 2 ice cream cones.  It was a beautiful night and we ended up staying later than we have in the past.  I can’t say I’ve ever tried a ride.  Those mobile rides always seem a little…unsafe.  So I watched.

On the way back, I tried to get a shot of the rainbow Empire State Building (as did lots of other people).  But the pictures don’t do it justice.  Happy Pride Day/Weekend in NYC!

Summer Picnic: Randall’s Island

It was our annual company picnic on Randall’s Island yesterday.  The weather couldn’t be more perfect for a day outside.  Cool and blue skies.  The picnic is on Randall’s Island, a short 25 minute ferry ride to an island off the north east side of Manhattan.

I spent some time by the chairs along the “boardwalk” and watched the rides, and people walk by.  There must have been over 5,000 people there over the course of the day.  Plenty of beer flowing, with lots of good things to eat.  Loved the brisket, elote corn and kale salad.

We couldn’t snag a hammock, and it seemed rude to tell someone they had spent enough time on it!  You’ve got to love that all containers were compostable, and only NYC’s finest was served for water.  No bottled water here.  And no beverages over 16 ounces!



Superbowl Sunday

Superbowl Sunday!  Which for me means good food with friends.  We traveled up to Ridgefield, CT to spend the evening with the Miles family.  After talking about authentic Mexican food in New York the week before, M said she would make us Chile Rellenos.  M and I were game.  I watched the entire process, through the batter and frying…to a finished plate with rice.  They were a good spicy, and I devoured both.

I brought the Smore’s bars for dessert (thanks, Amy, they are always a hit!).  But what would a game day feast be with out guacamole, so won’t forget that.  We were visiting real cooks because we had homemade truffled potato chips.  I’m not kidding, J sliced the potatoes and fried them!

Pink. Pink. Pink.

I was a lucky girl this weekend, getting to spend time with my UVA roommates and the Darden Girls.  On Saturday, it was time to gather for all things pink and cute at LC’s house in Alexandria.  We decorated bibs for the baby…

Of course, opened lots of cute little things, too.  It’s always an opportunity for me to learn what is necessary for the little ones these days (swaddling blankets, these little boxed socks, bottle warmer and baby food maker).

A candy bar based game (a huge crowd pleaser) and some delicious items to eat.  Oh, my friends that know food always do such a nice job!  I really liked this salad so will need the recipe.  Care of SG!

Sat Nite: PBR

PBR.  Professional Bull Riding. Or Pabst Blue Ribbon (the official sponsor of the PBR circuit).  I’ve watched them bring in the bulls every January now but never really investigated tickets.  This was the year.  And you know what?  It was really really entertaining.  And cringe inducing.

The 2012 circuit kicks off for 3 days of competition in NYC.  It’s the oddest mix in New York, too. People who clearly are into cowboys and bull riding with real hats.  And 25 year old banker types breaking out the flannel shirt.  These guys are tough, I don’t know how they stayed on those bulls.  Lots of core strength?

The night ended with a Pistol (yup, that IS his first name) being carried off the floor on a stretcher.  I checked today and he was having surgery on both legs (the bull stepped on him).  The highlight?  Cord from The Cowboy team of the Amazing Race!!

Oh, No, Irene

I have been on a bit of a hiatus while I started my week at the Outer Banks and decided to go offline.  But I’m back in New York City and bracing for Irene.  I’ll have to report on the beach this coming week, while I reminisce about my vacation cut short.  Chased off the beach and robbed of my full 7 days.

Everything was closing early or closed by 8 am.  I think mostly because the people who work in the shops couldn’t make it in with the subway system shut down.  La Bergamote, the little French place past Joe, took in the Joe refugees after we saw this sign.

M braved the NSA to get us the essentials Friday afternoon. We added more water, a can of Chef Boyaredee and Deviled Ham (my request later that night after dinner out).

We ventured out for lunch.  The Flatiron building was taking precautions.  And Eataly was “sort of closed” as the sign said.  So we gathered up some cheeses, meats and bread for lunch before they really shut down.  Now we are really in, and I’m already bored.  I said it would be a great chance to catch up on movies like St. Elmo’s Fire and Working Girl.  I didn’t get a good response to that one!