Lemon Brioche, Eataly

We bopped into Eataly on a Sunday a month ago, and they were baking Lemon Brioche bread.  Topped with sugar crystals on top.  It looked delicious, and it came home with us.

I toasted mine and added just a touch (or two) of butter.  Delicious.  I loved the top edge.

The Final Panettone: The Eataly Version

And on to panettone #3 of our Buy 1 get 2 free offer at Eataly.  We started with a chocolate version, then moved on a more traditional version of the cake (the Corsini brand), and ended with Eataly’s take on it.

I think my favorite was the Corsini. I liked the texture of the cake and the way it pulled apart.  But I really enjoyed the bigger pieces of candied fruit in the Eataly version. That one me over, though M didn’t like that aspect of it.

So until next Christmas (or the next sale!)….

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More Panettone: Corsini

And this is our 2nd Eataly panettone we picked up at the “We went long panettone” sale.  This one was very special as it came in a wrapped box.

We enjoyed it following a nice dinner with some Pinot Noir.  This is what the Italians do, right?

This cake was delicious.  It was light, sweet and sort of tore apart in layers.  Definitely giving this a high rating, so far it’s the best!

Panettone: Cioccolato

Yes, it’s February.  And I’m finally getting to panettone postings.  The truth of the matter is, we didn’t get any panettone this year at Christmas!  I was slightly bummed by that and was eyeing the few chocolate ones at Eataly 2 weeks ago.  But we hit the jackpot last weekend, Eataly had a buy 3 for 1!  At the lowest price.  And since they average $26, we had to give in.  Now, I’ll admit, that I do love this stuff when it’s actually Christmas time.  But it’s great in February.  Toasted with butter.

This was the version that comes with the powdered sugar that you throw in the bag with the cake and shake.  This cake was studded with chocolate chips.  We sprinkled on individual pieces.  It was the Bistefani brand and pretty good.

But we have two more and I’m pretty sure we’ll be digging into another this weekend.  Especially if it’s cold out…I’ll be inside with a big hunk of toasted panettone.

Olive Oil: A Familiar Face in a New Place

Last night I mentioned we were in Eataly (for a fresh loaf of bread).  We were browsing the aisles of olive oil, talking about how hard it was to pick.  We we schooled in the under notes of grass and pepper from the sales person at O&Co last year.  Well, what do you know, he was at Eataly doing a little sampling!  I recognized him from the glasses.  Nicholas Coleman did a few classes for Mario Batali, and apparently created his own role at the mega Italian store/restaurant.  He is the official Olive Oil Specialist.

He told us they have great oils for half the price at O&Co, and you don’t need the $7 spout they sell (thanks, we bought one).  These are all Italian olive oils, from a variety of regions.  We tried a great oil that starts out grassy and ends with a nice peppery finish.  It’s bold, I guess you could say.  And is great with bread.  So we decided it needed to live at home with us.  
Nicholas runs a class at La Scuola di Eataly.  He takes you on an Italian tasting tour of oils, and you sample some dishes cooked/made with the oils.  Something I’d definitely consider in the future.  

Panettone Time, Already?

We were in Eataly this weekend, and I saw the display.  I read the sign.  Can it be true, is one of my favorite holiday treats already back in stock?  It seems so early, I was just about to embark on my Diet of All Things Pumpkin for the month of October.  Panettone might have to wait a month, but I do love the way the Italians think (see sign below).

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