Sprinkles Cupcake ATM: Attempt #1


We tried.   We were determined to get a cupcake this afternoon, out of the ATM.  Thwarted!  This reminds me of my trip to Lauderee when that first opened.  The line was too long so we just popped inside.   And my Irish Cream Cupcake:  Irish cream cream cheese frosting and dark chocolate cake.   I was only going to eat half, but the second half seemed like such a tiny bit.  Gone!

Napa: Sticky Buns, Wine, Sun and Oxbow Market

So catching up from a week in California…I can’t help but look back and think what a great getaway it was.  I highly recommend a full week off every now and then.

So a quick spin through our day in Napa.  Of course we had to start the day with something yummy.  And I’m on vacation, so why not make that a sticky bun?


Then off to some vineyards with a stop at the Yountville Deli in between.


At the first (above) and then 2nd (below).  We chatted with a nice couple from Washington DC at Miner.

IMG_1336Then we headed back towards Napa and stopped at the Oxbow Market.  It reminds me of Chelsea Market and the Ferry Building.  Food stalls, places to eat…

IMG_5501 IMG_5498And there was an outpost of Kara’s cupcakes.  I told Mark the Magnolia Bakery Hummingbird Cake was really good, that the mini here was probably tasty. So he took my advice.  The set up looks a lot like Sprinkles.  I’ve sampled Kara’s in Walnut Creek on previous trips.  So cute, nice clean store.  Hard to resist, even if I can get tired of cupcakes.

IMG_5510 IMG_5509And did I mention how nice the weather was??


House of Cupcakes, NY Style


I know the WSJ just had an article this week about the death of cupcakes.  Crumb’s shares are trading at a low, there are cupcakes everywhere.  And I know this, maybe it’s a little bit of a fad.  But I still like a good cupcake (Sprinkles comes to mind), and it’s still a nice treat.  Of course we had to stop in the new House of Cupcakes on 7th Ave.  We walked by today and you’d have no idea from the crowd inside that cupcakes are apparently dying.  They did win Cupcake Wars and the original is in Princeton, NJ.


We tried the Chocolate Cheesecake Brownie.  Very rich, but I love a good chocolate icing.  This wasn’t light and fluffy. I’d put it in the Dunkin Hines category, which I have nothing against.


They took the Sprinkles display idea with holes for the cupcakes and easily rotating flavor circles.  The store is really well done.  You can’t put 2 finance minded folks in a place like this without thinking about these things.  Very professional pictures line the walls, nice display cases, stenciled slogan around the counter.  It has the sense of a design consultant being involved.

August 2013 Update:  It’s CLOSED!  We walked by here August 26th and it’s gone!  


Baked by Melissa, Take 2


Last summer I picked up Baked by Melissa for Anyesha’s birthday in the office.  On our walk up to the Time Warner Center on Sunday, we popped into her little storefront on 8th Avenue.  Three for three? Sure, why not?  They are tiny and very sweet.  It’s not my favorite, but there is no denying the cute factor is very high.