The Train to Highwire Coffee

S really wanted to ride the train.  So we took a little trip via Bart 4 stops up the line to Rockridge.  Coffee at Highwire, thumbprint cookie for me, palm tree sugar cookie for her.  We’re always up for trying new coffee.   She was quite entertained with the lobsters at the fish place, and she mentions them daily.  Sadly, she’s already got the look of a zoned out commuter on the train.

One Girl Cookies

This post should have been a May post but I just didn’t get my act together.  But now that the gifter of these cookies is on to bigger things at Wharton this Fall, I knew I had to do my One Girl Cookie post.  S. brought these all the way from NY!  To say they are gobble-up-able is an understatement.  A box full of really tasty little cookies, what’s not to love.  I ate more than my fair share.  Someone had to get in there during my photo attempt.  Thanks S. and best of luck this fall!

Here they are!

Winter = Ginger Molasses Cookie Baking

It’s cold out there!  This is the kind of weather that makes me want to bake, and bake I did.  Mark’s not the biggest fan of these, but ginger molasses is right up my alley.  I ate a few.  A few yesterday and a few today.  This is a snow picture from last week, and now it’s snowing again!  I’m certainly getting full use out of all of my winter gear.  Tons of hats, scarves and 2 pairs of boots….the Sorels and the North Face.


Levain Bakery & Pink Pants

Cookies and pink pants?  They have nothing to do with one another.  I just wanted to document my bright pants!  Bought these last weekend at my sister’s and have worn them twice already.  I’m not usually looking so put together on a weekend, but was coming from my Institute for Integrative Nutrition conference at the Time Warner Center. Had a great afternoon of seeing Dr. Andrew Weil and Alicia Silverstone.  The latter didn’t convince me to become vegan, but Dr. Weil was great.


So after Mark picked me up post conference, we walked north for a stop at Levain Bakery.   It was 5 and I was hungry.  So we ate dessert first.  Sometimes I feel a bit guilty, but…I had biked 50 miles yesterday morning and figured what the hell.  Followed that up with fries with dinner.


I’ve always wanted to try a Levain cookie.  When you walk down the steps into the little kitchen, you can SMELL the baking and the chocolate.  And we went for a big fat cookie.  Right out of the oven.  Ooey and gooey.  Chocolate with chocolate chips.  More like a lava cake, or warm brownie.


Schmakery’s….Mmmm Cookies!


We’ve been to Schmakery’s twice now.  Both times with a Google Offers.  It’s hard to pass up a cookie opportunity.    There are several flavors, all warm and right out of the oven. I like the peanut butter cup because it’s also sprinkled with just a little bit of salt which brings out the flavor.   We’ve had the maple bacon twice. Delicious.  It’s like eating breakfast in a cookie.


Check ’em out!  Schmakery’s: