Walnut Creek: Apple Store

Things just don’t change as fast here as they do in New York.  This new Apple store?  I think it’s been in the works for well over a year.  But they spared no expense.

The goal of this trip was to walk to Dunkin Donuts for our morning coffee.   Almost 4 miles to and from in the suburbs?  Even I’m impressed by that!  We cut back through the shopping area on our way home and admired the new store opening that morning.

Some of this may be familiar from my Instagram post.  But for my readers, I’m including a picture of me.  Decked out in my comfy Merrell walking shoes, hat for sun protection, and baby carrier.  Nursing cover? Why bother, this is northern California!  Well, and no one was around at this very early hour.

Getting out with the little guy

Our little guy is 3 weeks old!  It’s already hard to believe.  But we’ve all needed to get out, which I think scares the people that see us more than we think about it.  He had a request for Chick Fil A on Day 3 (ok, so that was his sister).  Coffee, Ikea, Costco, Whole Foods 365 (needed to check it out), coffee and the farmer’s market.  He’s been a good sport.

Our Little Whirlwind

Every year I really plan on getting someone to take professional pictures.  And every year we end up just taking some shots on some weekend in December when I NEED to get those cards in the mail.  It’s even harder now that S is on the move.  Half the shots are blurry, or she’s running away, or I get the side of her face.  Here’s to another year of someone keeping us on our toes.

At least she’s smiling in 2016, not sure she had as much fun with the photo shoot in 2014:

Happy Hanukkah!

Down to 2 Weeks

Only 2 weeks left in New York City.  I still can’t believe we are moving.  Not trying to fit in everything under the sun before we leave. Just some favorites.

We did take a day to roam the city during the week last Thursday: Blue Bottle coffee, attempt at our own photo shoot in the Meatpacking, coffee and pastry from Maison Kayser, chicken parm for lunch, afternoon drinks at Jams…

DSC07094 DSC07028 DSC06992

It’s Been A Year?

How time flies.  We’ve enjoyed every minute.  Ok, almost every minute.  I don’t always love a 3 am wake up call.

It was a big day so we had to do a few things:

  • Birthday coffee at Blue Bottle (well, coffee for us).  With a slice of pumpkin bread for baby.
  • Attempt at a Daddy/Baby picture to recreate the Day 5 picture
  • Subways with a stroller (ARGH!)
  • Lunch at Despana (pouch for baby)
  • Some shopping in SoHo (I had to say no to the baby Moncler jacket)
  • Park time (also known as a place to nurse on the go)
  • Stop in the Apple Store so Mommy can look at the watch she wants
  • Play time
  • Cake
  • And the next day, some kettlebells to work off the cake.

Babies: Growing Up

Last November, right after S was born, I signed up for a new moms group through Tribeca Pediatrics.  I just knew there were 5 other new moms in it.  I was stressed about that first 2 hour Wednesday 11 am session.  I was worried about bringing her in the Moby and having to get her out of it in front of people (I had never done that before).  Would they judge me when I changed her diaper?  Because I think I was doing it right but maybe there was a better technique.  It got me out of the house ever Wednesday to just chat, then for coffees and lunches after the group ended.  Now we meet up for the occasional lunch after we’ve all gone back to work.  Today was our second weekend venture.  Boy, those babies are growing!

My child is still hair challenged.

IMG_8872 (1)

IMG_0285 3


Mom & Baby Day

I was lucky to have a mom & baby day this week.  They are a treat, and have one more left.  We had coffee with Dad in the morning, ate oatmeal, and attempted Mommy Baby yoga (had the time wrong), so abandoned that and got a sandwich and ate in Madison Square Park.  I’m not sure anyone realized what we were doing under the coat and cover.

There was a photoshoot with the sitting up card.  I’m a bit late with this one, and used the card on 2 different days to get the best shot if you happen to see the same card and 2 different outfits.

In the afternoon we made brownies and walked to the High Line where there was some napping.

Another Snowy Start to the Week

I love starting my work week with snow or sleet.  It guarantees I have to hold the handrail down the stairs into the subway (ewwwww).  But it also makes me feel like I’m schlepping versus commuting.  Coats and bags, slipping off shoulders while snow blows into my face.  When it’s sunny and brisk I feel like it’s just another day commuting.  So here we are schlepping on another snowy day.  It was nasty out so I decided skinny jeans and fancy socks would make the day better…for someone!

Mommy & Baby Friday

Maternity leave is coming to an end!  Baby starts daycare this week with a few practice runs before I start back to work.  Of course, I pick the week of the big blizzard to work out all the logistics.  May as well try this in the worst of conditions!

But we spent our last full day together doing fun things around the city, things that we enjoyed doing during our time together.  We started out with a trip to Blue Bottle via the High Line where we saw one of our favorite baristas, Candace.

I have a list of doughnut places to try so figured I’d knock one off the list.  We headed to Dough on 19th Street.  Baby was not going to stand for mom enjoying her doughnut in the store so we brought it home. Yes, those are crumbs on the baby and boppy, oops!  Mocha almond crunch.  I still love my Doughnut Plant, but this was also really really good.  More of a dessert.

We regrouped and baby had a nap and lunch before Karma Kids for Mommy Baby yoga.

Then we had an afternoon of cleaning up, random computer work and baby naps.  A perfect way to end our time together.  Is baby happy with our day?  She’s not looking too happy in this picture, but I may have subjected her to enough of the camera by this point.  I’ve really enjoyed it, and am excited for all the adventures we’ll have together.  More doughnuts for sure!


Hanukkah Baby

I said I’d post some of the outtakes from our photo shoot.  Below are the pictures as Mark is realizing that we’ve got some activity going on down there.  Now I know why we couldn’t get this baby to smile for the 100 pictures before these.

She does look very focused and uncomfortable…DSC01753 DSC01755 DSC01754And one more.  I can’t remember if there was more activity here, but clearly she has a look of fright on her face!  Thanks for being a good sport, baby!