About Jillie

July 2017:  Wow, this update from below is a bit dated!  We’ve relocated to the Bay Area, I’m so far removed from completing a triathlon, and we drive instead of walk to yummy treats.  But life is good out here.


My old:  Who I Am
Picture circa 2013
Text circa 2015
IMG_1365Brownie-baking, gadget-loving, sometime triathlete, city girl.  And as of 2015, Mom to baby S.

I’ve been blogging since 2009.  It started out as a way to keep my family informed of my whereabouts when I would forget to check in (sorry, mom!).  I love to eat, so we walk around the city quite a bit in search of yummy treats.  And when we make it out of the city and I capture that, too.  In order to eat all of this good stuff, I used to do triathlons.  I finished my 6th New York City Triathlon and completed my first Half Ironman in June 2013.

Baby S is keeping me busy now.  Instead of logging long bike rides, I count steps and floors climbed at the office.  But at some point, I’ll tackle that Ironman!

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