Camping, We Survived!

We survived and we are all geared out to go on our next trip.  We spent the weekend at Calaveras Big Trees State Park about 2.5 hours east of San Francisco.  Pit stop in Copperopolis, where there is not much going on.  I think Stella is thinking…”what, camping?  I’m a city girl”.


And then she loved it, dirt and all.  She was just a tad dirty.  I think the night picture with the marshmallow sums it up.  Oh yes, she discovered marshmallows and Doritos Jacked flavor.  Because if you are going to have Doritos you should just go for the Jacked Ranched Dipped Hot Wings flavor.  A few things we accomplished:

  • We cooked on a fire
  • We slept under the stars
  • We found a swimming hole, which was freezing cold (the water source is the snow in the Sierras I’m told).
  • We put our marshmallow roasting sticks to work
  • We stored our food in a bear box
  • We learned about what we’d cook next time (though our potatoes on the fire worked out well)

I’d say it was a success.  And we are ready for our next trip.

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