Philz. I’m a Convert.

Philz Coffee.  When I got here people raved about it.  I’ve always been a Blue Bottle person.  I didn’t understand.  Now I do.  I get it.  Every single morning during the week.  They grind the beans, make your cup to order, and use whipping cream.  I prefer the Philtered Soul, but will do a Tesora every now and then.  And when it’s warm?  Then it’s time for the Iced Mint Mojito, of course.

Process:  order coffee, go pay, come back to get your coffee.  The New Yorker in me thinks this is ripe for someone to not pay.  These folks out here must be trustworthy.

I don’t love the logo, but I’m willing to take it.  Other locations have more of a community/hippy feel, but the Embarcadero location is a little different.

It’s a SF based chain, but there are LA locations, and one in Adams Morgan.

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