We’re Back! Doughnut Dolly

I’m here, I promise.  I finally got my computer set up in our new place, my photos are now syncing to the right place.  Well, most importantly, they are now syncing.

Lest you think that I haven’t been eating doughnuts and drinking coffee out west…we are kicking it off with our trip to Doughnut Dolly with the B family.  It’s right around the corner from their house, in the Temescal neighborhood of Oakland.  Definitely hipster to the max.  It’s small alleys where they used to put horses back in the day. Now it’s a hipster barber, fancy coffee, fancy doughnut, fancy tiny plant kind of place.  There was probably somewhere that sold knitted things.

You pick your filling and you are off.  Made to order.  Mine was a berry and custard mix.

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