It’s Been A Year?

How time flies.  We’ve enjoyed every minute.  Ok, almost every minute.  I don’t always love a 3 am wake up call.

It was a big day so we had to do a few things:

  • Birthday coffee at Blue Bottle (well, coffee for us).  With a slice of pumpkin bread for baby.
  • Attempt at a Daddy/Baby picture to recreate the Day 5 picture
  • Subways with a stroller (ARGH!)
  • Lunch at Despana (pouch for baby)
  • Some shopping in SoHo (I had to say no to the baby Moncler jacket)
  • Park time (also known as a place to nurse on the go)
  • Stop in the Apple Store so Mommy can look at the watch she wants
  • Play time
  • Cake
  • And the next day, some kettlebells to work off the cake.

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